Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Part 5

Since I am not at home where I can finish sewing my version of Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay Mystery Quilt, I drew the design in EQ7This gave me much needed practice with EQ7, and a clear vision of the quilt.

In reading Yahoo Quiltville posts and link-ups, I’ve noticed that there has been some discussion on layouts.  One indeed must be careful about positioning the many blocks.  It is very easy to turn a block the wrong way.

I’ve only used color here to bring out the design of the quilt.  There are many terrific color combinations posted by Orca Bay participants.

The first layout shows Bonnie’s direction; the blue (red for Bonnie’s version) string triangle blocks all point to the light Ohio star blocks. 

In both layouts, the orange string blocks follow the diagonal lines of the layout and create a wonderful secondary design element.

The blue string blocks in Layout 2 all point to the dark Ohio stars.  This one change creates a dramatic difference in how the quilt looks.

There is no right or wrong; just personal preference.  You decide.

I just discovered that I forgot to turn a couple of orange blocks in Layout 1.  Like I said…it is easy to turn a block the wrong way in this quilt.  LOL!
For Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay mystery quilt – Part 1, click here.
For Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay mystery quilt – Part 2, click here.    
For Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay mystery quilt – Part 3, click here.
For Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay mystery quilt – Part 4, click here.

30 responses to “Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Part 5

  1. Very interesting! I am not doing this mystery quilt but our guild here in Ca is doing a mystery quilt and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ve never done one before!


  2. WOW! Interesting how the look changes so dramatically!


  3. I like the second one! It is more ordered to my eyes. How fun that you have EQ7 to play with!


  4. I’m thinking about getting that program – just trying to figure out if I can justify it! I love those colors!!!


  5. Great job Laura! Thanks for showing us the second layout so clearly (it’s become my favorite).
    ~Jillian in North Dakota


  6. Thank you Jillian! I like the second layout as well.


  7. Ok I will sound off as the only guy and say that I prefer the second one as well although the first one is fun!


  8. I do not know what You strictly speaking mean with mystery quilt, but it is very beautiful and lovely to see.

    My quilt posts:

    Finnish quilts

    There might be some optical illusion quilts, maybe four. Personally I find them interesting.

    Happy quilting!


    • Sartenada, click on the Bonnie Hunter link in my post to understand her mystery quilts. In a nutshell, one is given clues, or steps to working on a quilt, and one does not know what the quilt will look like until all the clues are put together. Mystery quilts can be any style, not necessarily optical illusions, although those are lots of fun.


  9. Laura — this really shows how even a small change makes a bit impact. I was thinking this mystery looks cluttered — no where to rest the eyes. But your second rendition makes it into a cohesive design. If I were to make it I would definitely use this lay out. I tend to prefer less involved quilts so I very seldom do Bonnie’s mysteries. That said I’m chugging away on Carolina Christmas, 1/2 size. If I ever get it finished I might allow myself to do another mystery. But, most likely I would do one that has already been posted. Thanks for sharing.

    By any chance, completely off topic, do you know how to inset an on point center into a rectangular quilt? Thanks. Bonnie


  10. Oh how I wish I had read your post before I got to sewing everything together ! I really like the second setting better. thank you for showing us !


    • I wish I had been quicker to write this post Carolyn. Ah well…it could be fun to make another quilt with Bonnie’s pattern, in another colorway (I’ve seen many that I really like), and with the second layout. And the second quilt doesn’t have to be this size, it could be a wall hanging or a table topper.


  11. I too am in favor of the second setting. Bonnie has done a wonderful job in giving us step by step instructions.


  12. Wow! I guess I’ll have to play around with my blocks when I get to that point to see which one I like better. Being a turtle does have it’s advantages at times. 🙂


  13. I love your EQ7 designs. I am almost finished with my Orca Bay blocks and not really happy with the colors I used. Will try your version when blocks are done, might be happier! Thanks


    • I have seen so many colorways, some I thought would never work, but they all have turned out beautifully Terri. I bet you will like yours, too, once you’ve decided on a layout.


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