Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Part 10

My version of Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay design is finished.  I gave the quilt to a long-armer.  It is the first time that I have trusted someone else to do the quilting on a quilt top that I have made.

Although the long-armer did a good job, she did not do what we had discussed.  She showed me some creative ideas and I said to run with them.  For whatever reasons, her ideas never materialized and she quilted an all-over design.

Because this is a scrappy quilt with so many prints, I am okay with the quilting.  Anything really fancy would be difficult to see (although what we had discussed would’ve been great).

Interior design is not my strong point, so I tried not to get my fancy tv tray bedside tables in the picture.  LOL!

Uh-oh!  Maybe I should have looked before I took this closeup.  Sheesh!  The quilt police may get me for this one!

A closeup of the back of the quilt.

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12 responses to “Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Part 10

  1. I Love it! I think the quilting turned out great, love the swirl. I know, it is so hard to turn over your work!


  2. Oh it’s beautiful!! You did a spectacular job! I followed your design and did the alternate setting……I loved it when you showed the different layouts on your site!

    I had a similar experience with a LA I had never used before on another one of Bonnie’s designs……Carolina Crossroads. We talked about one thing and she did something else. Not at all happy….but I found out later, she does more embroidery than quilting…….so instead of an all-over design (which is what I wanted) she did large embroidery all-over. They are pretty designs……but because it wasn’t put on a long-arm frame……there are large “fluffy/puckers” in between the embroidery designs. Binding it was a huge pain…..trying to ease all the puckers so they wouldn’t be so noticeable!

    Well…live and learn……at least it’s done and not still just a quilt top!!


    • Thanks Sue. I am pleased with how the quilt turned out. I’m blessed! My experience with the LA was much better than your’s! I have no complaints about the workmanship. She had told me that she was going to quilt starfish, whales and sea related motifs. Those did not materialize. Live and learn and done is right!

      It was a fun project to work on, and it was fun to share an alternate setting.


  3. I really like it — fabrics, blocks, and overall design.

    I know some people shy away from a written contract with a longarmer, but really all it does is clarify expectations and give the quilter a record of what was discussed. Sometimes there is a long period of time between dropping off a quilt/discussing what to do and the actual time it goes on the quilting frame.


  4. I love, love, love it-vibrant, colorful, fun!


    • Thanks Jenny…I’m happy with it. While cruising the ‘net, I did see a lovely soft pink and green version (not my favorite color scheme) that almost makes me want to make another version. Almost…but not quite. :O)


  5. I love it! What a beautiful dramatic quilt. That one is definitely a keeper.


  6. I’ve only used a LA for 4 of my large quilts. I really do like to quilt my own quilts. Plus it is a very expensive exercise. She was great, discussed quilting design options – let me view all the quilting designs she had available. Then we discussed why some of my choices, in her opinion wouldn’t work. We also talked thread and when she believed a thread I chose wasn’t working she rang me straight away to discuss an alternative. Congratulations on finishing your OB – and yes the quilt police have duly noted those points lol! Better finished and happy with your efforts than it sitting in a box and you frustrated with it and cursing it for the next however many years. Once again great effort.


    • Thank you Glynis! I now have some guidelines for the next time that I choose a LA. I really appreciate the feedback from you and others in that regard! And, I’ll say again, I’m happy with the quilt itself. It was fun to make, and not destined for an heirloom trunk, or cluttering up my already cluttered pile of UFOs. :O)


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