Orca Bay Mystery – Part 6

I’m in the unofficial Turtle Club of participants of the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.  My progress is slow but steady.  You can follow my progress (including an alternate layout I made using EQ7) by looking under Quilts in the Categories in the side bar.

It is my intention to use the alternate layout when I sew the blocks together.  And I’m getting close to that point now.

For those of you who are observant…you are right…when I sew my blocks together, I will lose the star points on my center star blocks.

While I was squaring up my string flying geese, I had time to reflect on why this is so, since I am not a beginning quilter (a beginner could do better than I did here).  I still don’t know.  Perhaps I messed up my seam allowance, but I don’t think so.  More likely, I didn’t pay attention to the size I cut out to begin with and merrily cut and sewed assembly line style until I had all the blocks sewn.  Regardless, I was in oblivion until I squared the star blocks.

Is this an earth shattering event?  Does this mean I should throw out my stars in disgust and sew new ones?  Shall I cry into my tea?

No…I don’t like that I screwed up, but live and learn.  Here’s what I do like.

  • I like the the new friends I found while participating in this mystery.
  • I like the quilt design.
  • I like the colors.
  • I like the scrappiness, and I like that I learned how I don’t have to control what color goes where (so long as I didn’t mix my oranges and blues).
  • I like that I used fabric…a lot of fabric…and didn’t just pet it while it sat on the shelf. 
  • I like string blocks.

I like that, after a two year depression, I am sewing again.  And finding that joy is so much more valuable than worrying about pleasing the quilt police.

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15 responses to “Orca Bay Mystery – Part 6

  1. Congratulations! Your Orca Bay is beautifully your own!! I love it!!


  2. I don’t see where you are going to lose the star points? Make some up and see what they look like! I think it’s very beautiful. I love the finished quilt, but I’m not going to make this one. I think Bonnie is in a phase right now with her designs! Many of her recent works look very similar to me. I do like the freedom of just sewing whatever together though…lots of scrappy yum!


  3. Pretty!


  4. I was confused at first because I thought your blocks were already sewn. Now I see what you mean about your points, but something I found out while making this quilt is that it is so scrappy, unless you are looking for star points, you really won’t notice they are gone. I’m still working on Orca Bay, and I’m missing a few points too. I have a pics of OB in my blog, but nothing up close (another way to hide those missing points!).


    • I am sorry for the confusion! Nope, I’ve not sewn any blocks yet, but hope to sew today. I’m not shy about pointing out my mistakes, and I am not discouraged with the big mistake in this quilt, exactly because it is scrappy and fun. I look forward to seeing it come together! :O)


  5. I think your OB is beautiful even without the points! Mine is coming along slower than yours – I’m only on step 4. Every quilt that has posted has been great – the colors play fantastically.


    • Thank you Terri! I am in the process of putting my blocks together and I am pleasantly surprised that I haven’t chopped off the points as much as I thought I was going to. Yay! And you are right…I’ve seen so many surprising color variations; I’ve enjoyed every one of them!


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