Arkansas Crossroads Quilt Block

I chose to play with the Arkansas Crossroads quilt block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year.

You may know the block as Road to Oklahoma.

Arkansas Crossroads Quilt Block

It is drawn with a 4 x 4 grid.

Here is how the Arkansas Crossroads block looks when set side-by-side in a straight set:

Arkansas Crossroads Straight Set

When the alternate blocks are rotated, one sees how this block got its name:

Arkansas Crossroads Straight Set

Let’s move the color around.  As in the first design, the Arkansas Crossroads block is in a straight set (I see blue and yellow bow ties!):

Arkansas Crossroads Straight Set

Surprise!  Stars show up when rotating the alternate blocks:

Arkansas Crossroads Straight Set

Another design using just the Arkansas Crossroads quilt block without altering the block and using variations of the block, or adding other blocks, or sashing:

Arkansas Crossroads Straight Set

Only the corner block has been altered.  I simply deleted a few lines of the Arkansas Crossroads block to create space.

Arkansas Crossroads Straight Set

On another day, perhaps I’ll play with adding other elements.  However, it is nice to know that all we need is one block, some color and rotation to create several unique designs.

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