Sewing on a Tractor

Do you make good use of your time?

This farm woman certainly does!

9 responses to “Sewing on a Tractor

  1. Oh Laura! this is amazing!!!! Do you know this woman? she is awesome!! Can I reblog? I really want my Father-in-law, Tex, to see this. He grew up on a Farm/Ranch in Texas.


    • I have no idea who this woman is, Marjorie, but I agree, she is terrific! Of course you can re-blog…the video can be found on You-Tube…I had nothing to do with it. I’m like you…very impressed with this woman’s ingenuity!


  2. Wow, how interesting and certainly unusual! Thanks for posting this!


  3. I have read two blogs in a row which feature old machines … the other being a group blog about their exhibition, and the viewer’s choice was won by a whole cloth quilt done on a 1957 Singer 201P. Who needs a special room and a modern machine!


    • I agree, Judy! We don’t need all the newest and ‘best’ gadgets to be creative. Some gorgeous quilts and garments were made long before electricity and rotary cutters became available to everyone.


      • How true … and some of us still remember the introduction of the rotary cutter, not to mention fusible webbing, stuff that dissolves, and fabric we can print on … and now stuff that dissolves that we can print on!
        Come to think of it … computers and printers can be added to the list!


  4. Very cool Laura! I passed on the link to the video. Amazing idea!


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