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So…I’ve had a tiny distraction.  Just a tiny one.

I couldn’t resist Temecula Quilt Company’s Tiny Tree Sew Along.

Temecula Quilt Company's Tiny Tree

These tiny blocks are so cute and fun.  I can make them from scraps…no cutting yardage for this sweet project!

Meantime, the basket continues to fill with bow tie blocks.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

The Vintage Ornaments quilt has been completely stitched in the ditch (using Wonderfil Invisafil thread) and all of the basting pins removed.

Vintage Ornaments

The appliques have been stitched around as well.  Next up, some decorative (as opposed to functional) machine quilting.

I think I am doing pretty well considering that I haven’t had a full day off from the day job since Thanksgiving Day.  I am determined not to be as depressed as in the past and to stay focused on accomplishing what I can.

So far…so good.

Be Mine – Finished


I stayed the course; I stayed focused and it is finished!



This was a very good project for me to sew to learn how to use the new sewing machine.  I only had one temper tantrum.

I wanted to stitch the binding on completely by machine (a first for me…I always hand stitch it to the back), and I was looking for the mirror image of a blind hem stitch, or something similar.

I had trouble mirror imaging any stitch, let alone a blind hem stitch (which cannot be done on this machine).  Thus…major meltdown.  Ha, ha!

But I persevered and I know this machine much better now.  Our relationship is improving…so much so, that I just may give her a name soon.  My beloved Bernina’s name is Bertha (for those inquiring minds).

Thank you to the Janome Yahoo Group and their files!

Also, for those inquiring minds, this wall hanging was sewn, and quilted, with Wonderfil Invisifil and Aurifil 50 weight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
 Update:  Pattern designed by Cynthia Tomaszewski and published in ‘Tea in the Garden – Quilts for a Summer Afternoon’ by Martingale.