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A Battle Plan for Those Works in Progress

The first step binds one to the second. – french proverb

In the spirit of goal setting and taking back control from works in progress, I have come across Pat Sloan’s excellent 12 UFO Buster Tips.  I have summarized these tips (and printed them out) and now I am ready to head for the sewing studio and do battle with my WIPs.  If you are losing the war with your own WIPs, then I strongly suggest checking out Pat’s blog (loads of details, tips and photos).  She even has a UFO group over there for extra support!

Know what I have.  Count my projects in progress.  Group A (Almost Done-Love and Finish).  Group B (Almost Done-Lost Interest-Give Away).  Group C (Partially Done-Love and Finish).  Group D (Partially Done-Give Away or Sort).  Group E (Barely Begun-List).

Pick 4; one that is fast to finish, one with a deadline, one I love, and one long-term project.

Mandatory! Daily set a timer and sew. Always have a project out.

Give myself rewards for finished UFOs.

•Fix 3 lack of organization items that keep me from sewing my UFOs.

•Find a Buddy to account to each other.

•Trade services or UFOs.


•Disassemble-break up a project that I don’t love.  Use the fabric for something else.

•Quick and easy finish-flannel, quilt top and grid quilting.

Set orphan blocks in a sampler (hot pad, tote bag, tablerunner, pillow, coaster, etc.)

•Pick 3 projects to finish for myself.  Set a deadline.

There is no reason why Pat’s tips couldn’t be adapted and applied to other works in progress.  Are you a gardener?  Do you have an overgrown monster bush that needs taming?  Would a particular flower do better in a different location?  Make a gardening list.  Are you giving a room a makeover?  Need to get painting done?  Need a storage solution?  Get it on a list and get it done.

Do it!