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One Bloom of Hope

All it takes is one bloom of hope to make a spiritual garden. ~Terri Guillemets


Columbia River…Looking Towards Canada

It is tick season here.  I am a tick magnet.  More so than my dog.  If we were keeping score on the number of tick bites received, I’d win.  I got my first tick of the season yesterday, while hiking the property and taking photos.

I’m telling you, so that if it is tick season where you live, then be sure to remember to wear your favorite repellent.  My older sister doesn’t like to smell like Eau de Bug Repellent, but one must make sacrifices in this world.

I wouldn’t mind if ticks and mosquitoes became extinct.  But I have a new friend, Mark Berkery, who loves all creatures great and small.  And he is the most fantastic photographer of those creatures.  Do yourself a favor…check out his blog, Nature’s Place.

You will gain a new perspective on small creatures.