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Twinkling Star Quilt Block Part 2

Last week I showed the Twinkling Star set in straight set designs. 

Twinkling Star Quilt Block

Here it is in a simple on point design:

Twinkling Star On Point Set

And with the addition of a low contrast traditional block:

Twinkling Star On Point Set

Lots of room to show off some beautiful quilting!

I drew an alternate block and used it in this next design:

Twinkling Star On Point Set

I’m not crazy about it.  Are you?

How about this next one?:

Twinkling Star On Point Set

I like it!

I also like using a chain block with the Twinkling Stars:

Twinkling Star On Point Set

I think that one is my favorite of this set.

One more:

Twinkling Star On Point Set

Which do you like the best?

Keep trying those ‘what if’s’.  One, or more, of them could be your winner!

Twinkling Star Quilt Block

I really like this week’s choice, Twinkling Star, from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year.

Twinkling Star Quilt Block

I drew it from a 3.5 x 5 x 3.5 grid.

Even though I really like this quilt block, I had a difficult time getting inspired and original with it.  I don’t know why. 

Here is how Twinkling Stars looks set side by side in a straight setting:

winkling Star Straight Set

I find it boring.

I’ve altered the block a bit and set the new block, along with a low contrast traditional block, and the Twinkling Star in a new straight set design:

winkling Star Straight Set

Now I’m not so bored with it.

Another design, but I think the red stars overwhelm Twinkling Star:

winkling Star Straight Set

It might be worth exploring if I changed the size of those red stars.

What if I darken the color and alternate Twinkling Star with a different traditional block?

winkling Star Straight Set

I like it!

Next, I tried mixing in a chain block.

winkling Star Straight Set

My low contrast might be too low contrast.  I’m influenced by my friend Judy, the Virtual Quilter.  She uses a low contrast technique frequently for her backgrounds, and I like how it looks.

winkling Star Straight Set

winkling Star Straight Set

Have a blessed happy new year full of wonderful times of creativity!

Arizona Quilt Block Part 2

Last week, I shared the Arizona Quilt Block in straight sets.

Arizona Quilt Block

This week, I’ve explored the block in on point sets.

Arizona On Point Set

In the following quilt designs, I’ve added another color, which allows the stars to be seen better.  I’ve also used alternate blocks that were drawn from the same grid as the Arizona quilt block.

Arizona On Point Set 2

Arizona On Point Set 3

Arizona On Point Set 4

Arizona On Point Set 5

Of course, there are no quilt police that will come after you, if you decide to make a design in a different colorway!

Arizona On Point Set 6

Patti’s Star

Several years ago, I took an Electric Quilt class (EQ4) from Patti Anderson at Quilt University.  For practice, I’ve decided to revisit a project from that class.  The following block was drawn during that class.

Patti's Star Quilt Block

When the block is placed in a quilt, the unexpected appears…a star with a pinwheel shaped center, or one could focus on the circles with larger pinwheels that formed:

Patti's Star

Playing with symmetry; the circles have been lost:

Patti's Star 2

Similar to the previous quilt, but now the dark pinwheels are more defined:

Patti's Star 3


Which do you like?  Or not?

Update: There is a free pdf available for Patti’s Star under the Freebies tab on my header.