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Organizing Paper

In the spirit of decluttering and organization in January, I have stopped everything (but the day job) to clean up my catch-all basket of shame.

Organizing Paper

Well…alright…there was more than one catch-all basket of patterns and ideas and such (I even found the crepe recipe that my son-in-law gave me who knows how long ago! How did that get in there?).

It all started when I realized that I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Isn’t that how it always starts?

Organizing Paper

Organizing this stuff is hazardous!  I could get sooooo easily side-tracked!

I want to begin something new.

More than one something.

Gotta stay focused!

For fun; here is a photo of one of my poinsettias blooming.  I have two that are several years old.


And, yes…I am so proud that in spite of myself, and living in a northern clime, that these two plants are still doing so well.

Stay Safe!

Quilt On!