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Visiting My Daughter-Day One

Hubby and I took a much needed vacation (I was becoming really, really whiny) and visited our daughter and her family. What a joy to take a road trip and be blessed to see family!


Our daughter loves photography, so she and I just hung out and practiced together. Enjoy the stroll in her little garden!


*Clicking on a photo will give you a closer look!


Yes, folks, this is me…not ashamed to look silly. Ha, ha! Oh, yes…I do wear that hat in public!


And this is the result of my efforts!


It was breezy and I had such a tough time getting a photo of the bee on the lavender!


Don’t forget to get outside and see the little things!

Stay safe!

Manito Park and Botanical Gardens – Part 2

“There is a little plant called reverence in the corner of my soul’s garden, which I love to have watered once a week.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes

I am at the Phoenix airport and have some time, so I can edit more photos.  By the time you see this post, my Hubby, myself and my Mom should be on the road.  We’ll be driving back to Spokane (moving Mom), so I don’t know that I’ll have another opportunity to post for a few days.

Enjoy these photos from yesterday’s visit to the Japanese Garden at Manito Park.

Manito 06-15-2012 IMG_3441bc

Manito 06-15-2012 IMG_3444bc

Manito 06-15-2012 IMG_3451bc

Manito 06-15-2012 023bc

Manito 06-15-2012 IMG_3475bc

Manito 06-15-2012 IMG_3477bc

Manito 06-15-2012 IMG_3499bc

Manito 06-15-2012 039bc

Manito 06-15-2012 IMG_3512bc

Manito 06-15-2012 036bc

Winter Has Not Left Yet

Dear beautiful Spring weather, I miss you. Was it something I said? ~”Skipper” Kim Corbin

While many of you are experiencing spring, and loving all the new growth and color that spring brings, I get to be satisfied with a snow storm today.

I am not impressed.

I really, really want to plant the rhododendrons that are sitting in buckets of now frozen water next to my porch.  At least, I do have some green to cheer me up.

Underneath this fresh blanket of white, there are new bulbs and buds peeking out.

Really!  I saw them yesterday!