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Aunt Sukey Spins Off – Machine Quilting

“As time goes by, I realize that I do trust the wind.  And I often write my songs for myself.” -David Friedman

“How did it get so late so soon?” -Dr. Seuss

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”-Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince 

I have neglected my blog.  I like blogging, so what can I say for myself? 

A demanding job, apathy, depression, a time-out, a boring existence, self-pity, frustration at the lack of control of my life….

Sheesh!  You’d think somebody died or something!  Get a grip!  Change the negative brain recording!

I’m shaping up.  Mentally, that is.  Many of those emotions I’ve listed above apply to a big project.  That would be my Aunt Sukey Spins Off project. 

Yup.  I became bored and frustrated with it, and it became a monster sitting on my shoulders and whispering great doses of guilt into my ears.

I don’t understand myself.  Why…oh why…do I insist on complicating things.  I love the acronym, KISS…keep it simple, Stupid.  I love it, but have yet to apply it to myself.

Here I’ve made this classic traditional red and white quilt.  So far, so good.  But I can’t decide how to quilt it, and I go all out on the thing.  And then I become frustrated.  The quilting doesn’t fit the quilt.

There are times when I really should take a cue from my good friend Judy Butcher.  She knows how to quilt a traditional quilt.

Alas, I’m committed.

We’ll see how it turns out. 

In spite of myself.

Aunt Sukey Spins Off

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 1

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 2

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 3

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 4

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 5

Pin Basted



Not one, but two large quilts pin basted this week!

Aunt Sukey Spins Off

Aunt Sukey Spins Off (click here to see more).

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek (hasn’t got a name yet).

If you’d like to know my pin basting method, I shared here.

Aunt Sukey Spins Off – Borders

Just a quick post to show progress:

Aunt Sukey Spins Off

The borders are sewn on!

And I have 60 cute little bonus half-square triangles!  What to do with them? 

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Bonus HST

They are only 1.75″ square!

These babies might just sew themselves into a small pinwheel quilt, but that is yet to be determined.

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 1

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 2

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 3

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 4

Aunt Sukey Spins Off

The plan:

Aunt Sukey Spins Off

Coming to life:

Aunt Sukey Spins Off

This will be a bed quilt…I don’t have a good way to photograph it, but you can see that I am making some progress.

I had originally planned on this being a scrappy red and white quilt.  But then I won the gorgeous Island Batik fabric (so excited)!  Why didn’t I switch some of those half square triangles to flying geese?  It would’ve been easier.  Alas…I didn’t think to do that until after I cut the fabric.

Nope…not all my seams are lined up.  I’m okay with that.  Seeking perfectionism doesn’t make me happy.  My happiness is in the creative process, and one day, a finished project.

Speaking of slow stitching (you can’t be much slower than me), have you seen Mark Lipinski’s blog featuring the Slow Stitching Movement?  I find it quite inspiring.  Perhaps you will too!

Now, slowly on to the borders.

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 1

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 2

Aunt Sukey Spins Off Part 3

Washington State Quilters 2014 Raffle Quilt Block

In a previous post, I shared about making quilt blocks to contribute to the Washington State Quilters-Spokane Chapter raffle quilt fundraiser (that’s a mouthful!).

Hubby and I attended the quilt show last weekend and I finally had the opportunity to see the raffle quilt all completed and on display.

There were enough blocks turned in to make two raffle quilts and some pillows!

This is my block:

WSQ 2014

Lots of crystals were added to the quilt but, unfortunately, the glitz doesn’t show up in the photo:

WSQ 2014

Oh yes, I bought my raffle ticket! 

And here is the other raffle quilt:

WSQ 2014

I wish you could see the quilting of the second quilt; it really is wonderful.  Whoever the winners are; they are fortunate indeed!