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Traffic Jam One – It’s A Flimsy!

It is a bit overcast today, and a good time to show you the progress on Traffic Jam One.

Traffic Jam

It has been a flimsy for a few days now, but work and a couple of sunny afternoons prevented me from taking photos.

Traffic Jam

I had a bit of trouble finishing up this flimsy.  Call it ‘airhead moments’, ‘senioritis’, or just a lack of concentration.  

I thought that I had miscalculated and did not have enough cut green squares.

So I cut and cut and sewed my borders.

And my borders were too long.

And I miscalculated my miscalculations and never really miscalculated to begin with.

Here is what is leftover:

Traffic Jam

I will find a purpose for the parts eventually.

Of course, that defeats the original purpose of using up all of those scraps… in this quilt… in the first place.

Traffic Jam

Looks a bit like a stained glass window from the back:

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam Two in progress:

Traffic Jam

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Traffic Jam One Update

What was I doing on the sunny afternoons after work?

Why, pruning and raking, and making discoveries in the garden, of course!

Here are just a few of my discoveries:


Lots of crocus!


Lots of daffodils (and larkspur)!


Stately Crown Imperials!

Crown Imperial

Fragrant Hyacinths!


Lots of budding shrubs, including this elderberry!


“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” — Rainer Maria Rilke