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MOD Bear Paw QAL Progress

Progress is happening!

Bear Paw QAL

I am really loving how my bear paw quilt is looking!

It is difficult to tell from the photos, but the background is a soft grey print, not white.

It has been a challenge for sure.  A bit of unsewing has happened.  And, apparently, I have an ultra scant 1/4″ seam allowance.  “Personal Private Measurement”, as one of my all-time favorite quilt teachers would say.  I still cherish Mary Ellen Hopkins book…‘The It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt’.

My blocks are a bit larger than Lorna’s pattern says they should be.  No biggie…I am making adjustments for that.

Bear Paw QAL

I still have the borders to sew.  Slow and steady; I’ll get there.

I am linking up at Sew Fresh Quilts.

MOD Bear Paw QAL Part One

Fields of Star Flowers

I am still in Michigan visiting my daughter and her family (and loving it), but I do have my laptop with me.  And I do have ‘me’ time.

So I thought I would try the Love the Lines Inklingo contest.  Here is a photo of my first effort (created in EQ7):

Fields of Star Flowers

Although there are Inklingo sizes in the quilt, there are not enough for me to enter into the contest.  Clearly, I lost sight of the rules while designing.  Oops.

There is a ton of piecing to do if one were to actually sew this design, and it is a busy design.  But I like it anyway.

Click here for the Love the Lines contest rules.