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Sugar Town

I had a self-imposed goal of working on the Leavenworth Nine Patch quilt this month (I really should come up with a name for this thing).

Leavenworth Nine Patch

And I did…just the minimum to meet the publicly stated goal.

I got distracted (this occurs easily and often) and worked on the Sugar Town quilt.

Sugar Town

I quilted a pantograph design…something I am not good at and need lots of practice with…but I enjoyed doing it.

Sugar Town

The pantograph is called Mountain Laurel from Urban Elementz.

Sugar Town

Lovin’ the texture!

This quilt will soon be a birthday gift for a granddaughter, so I need to get it done.

Sugar Town

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January OMG 2019 Update

It is time to report progress on my January OMG (One Monthly Goal).

My goal was to machine stitch in the ditch to stablilize the quilt for free motion quilting.

Leavenworth Nine Patch

Mission accomplished!

You don’t see the quilting?  Hmmm…here is the view from the back:

Leavenworth Nine Patch

Leavenworth Nine Patch

Just so you know…I did it!  <Grin>

Leavenworth Nine Patch

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts OMG (One Monthly Goal).  Click on the link to get inspired by more goal setters and their accomplishments! 

January OMG 2019

A new year, a fresh start.  It feels good to begin anew.

I am not making big goals for this year.  No new resolutions that I may keep for a couple of months and then leave by the wayside.

I am keeping it simple.

I want to walk on the beach in the sunshine.

I want to read more; especially His Word, as I have let that slide.

And for January’s OMG (One Monthly Goal), I want to work on the Leavenworth quilt.

I blogged my virtual play time with the Leavenworth Nine Patch block back in January 2013 here and here.

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB

*You can also find those blog posts by clicking on the Quilt Blocks tab at the top of my blog.

Sometime after that, I actually worked up one of my design ideas into a quilt top and pin basted it. I showed it on March 27, 2015.

Leavenworth NinePatch

So my goal for the month is to machine stitch in the ditch so that the quilt layers will be stabilized and I can remove the pins (and thus lighten some of the weight).  The quilt is approximately  74″ x 88″, so it is a large size for machine quilting on a domestic machine.

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts OMG (One Monthly Goal).  Check out what others have chosen to work on this month; it can be very inspiring and motivating!

December OMG 2018 Goal

Funny how what goes around comes around.

For my December OMG, I decided to focus on a UFO called The Case of the Secret Garden.

The Case of the Secret Garden

I dug through the blog to see when I last worked on this project.  It appears it was also my goal for December OMG 2017.  Hmmmmmm.

The Case of the Secret Garden

If you click on the links above, you can find links to the beginning of this project, and each clue that I worked on it, as well as find where it originated on Linda Franz’ website, Inklingo.  Linda began this enjoyable mystery in the year 2013.

So, why did I wad this project up in a corner?

Partly because I went through a tough time (why do I throw my creativity aside when I need it the most…another mystery), and partly because I changed my mind about my fabric choices.

I like the fabric choices.  I don’t like the fabric choices.  I like the fabric choices.  I can’t stand the fabric choices.

Oh brother!

The Case of the Secret Garden

But then, my Mom and a couple of sisters visited for Thanksgiving.  One of my sisters said, “I really like this!”

The Case of the Secret Garden

Nothing like a little positive motivation!

So this top is pin basted, and I am in the process of machine quilting it.

The Case of the Secret Garden

I hope to complete the quilting, of course, but realistically, because it is December, and the busiest time of the year, my goal is to complete half of the machine quilting.

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal (OMG). Click on the link and see the other goals for December!  Maybe you would like to add a goal!

RSC18 November

There are no new colors/blocks being announced for November and December.  Instead, we are given the time to move our projects forward, or complete them.

I chose to make my RSC18 blocks for the Squared Away Sampler this year.

I have sewn my blocks into an on point setting with star sashing.

RSC18 November

I am very happy with the results!

*If you click on the photo, then you can see a closer view.

I don’t know it you can tell, but the setting triangles are white polka dots, not checks.

I am still considering a border, but I don’t really think that I need to add one.

If you would like to make the Squared Away Sampler, you can visit The Academic Quilter for great tutorials on making all of the blocks.  

I am linking up with So Scrappy.  Click on the link to discover more scrappiness!

November OMG 2018

Before I state my quilting goal for this month, I would like to take the time to thank Patty, of Elm Street Quilts, for hosting One Monthly Goal.  She has kept me accountable and thus motivated me, to work on projects and achieve accomplishments all year long.  She is uncluttering my mind (and making room for other projects), stitch by stitch, project by project.

Thank you, Patty!

I am planning on devoting free time (It is holiday season after all…how much free time can there be when one works for the post office?) to turn my RSC18 Squared Away Sampler blocks into a flimsy.

Here are the blocks:

RSC18 October

And here they are on my ‘design floor’:

RSC18 November

I added one more block, a brown one, and am working on the sashing and cornerstones.

I can’t leave them here since I have a sweet chubby calico baby who finds it fun to roll around on them.

Hubby remembered that we bought a backdrop set up used for photography, and then promptly forgot that we had it.  Good grief! 

Click here to see what I am talking about…there are other systems but you get the idea.  It is nice when one doesn’t have any wall space.

So off to the fabric store to buy some flannel, and I will soon have a proper design wall to use.

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts OMG (One Monthly Goal).  Click on the link and go see the other participants and get motivated to work on your projects!

RSC18 October

Dark green and sage are the colors for the month of October announced by So Scrappy and The Academic Quilter.

I made three Dewey Dream blocks in the 5″ size for the Squared Away Sampler.  I reversed the green and neutral in one of the blocks just to have a visual of how the block would look when moving value around.  Now that I see it, my personal preference is having a dark value for what I am calling the background.  

For some reason, the camera didn’t pick up the green color very well; it isn’t that dark!

RSC18 October

If you would like to make the Squared Away Sampler, you can visit The Academic Quilter for great tutorials on making all of the blocks.  

Here are all of my blocks together:

RSC18 October

If I decide to set these blocks on point, I shall be making one more block, perhaps a brown one.  I am holding off on my decision (although I do have something in mind) until I see what The Academic Quilter suggests for settings.

I will be linking up with So Scrappy.  Check out the link and see what others are doing with dark green and sage this month!