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Baby Quilt and Japanese Gift Bags

My sewing machine is home from the hospital (Yes) and we’ve (my Bernina and me of course) finished the doll quilt:

And the baby quilt is done too:

Now to move on to other projects.

I came upon a tutorial and decided the Little Japanese Bag project was perfect for small Christmas gifts.  Here’s how they look finished: 

Don’t they look sweet?  They are even sweeter filled with foil wrapped chocolate treats!

I used my handy dandy trusty tri-tool ruler to cut pairs of triangles.  Next time, I won’t be so lazy…I’ll make a large triangle template.  This size is cute, but it is small (which is a fine size for an ornament, party favor, or just that “little something extra”).

Cut pairs of triangles (right sides together):

Pairs are sewn, turned and pressed:

Petal points turned and pinned:

Closer look:

Sewn petals:

Closer look:

One seam sewn (the left is the petal seam…the bottom is the side seam…stop at the petal seam):

All side seams sewn:

Turned…they are lookin’ like bags now:

Isn’t this just the cutest little mini pouch?

See?  I told you these are small!  And so cute!

These would look terrific in any fabric…think Halloween or a birthday or any other occasion.

You can find the link for the tutorial on the Tutorial Tab of this blog.  Thank you to Hannelore Nunn for sharing !