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Organizing the Blog and the Candace Project

I have not posted in a while, so thought that perhaps I should check in.  

I have been slowly working my way through organizing the blog, and I am not finished yet.  It is taking some time, since I started blogging in 2011, and I don’t have hour after hour to devote to this task.  At least, not hour after hour all in one sitting, since I apparently do have hour after hour to get this done.

My blog is essentially a journal for me, and it has become difficult to find relevant posts when I want to reference, or reminisce a particular past post.

I have deleted a few posts.I have added new tabs to the header, and I have links to relevant posts listed under those tabs.  I don’t know about you, but I think this will work better for me.

And that may be all that matters.

The bow tie leader/ender basket slowly fills:

Bow Ties

The bow ties are pinned in groups of ten, so they will be easy to count when I decide that I have enough for whatever size quilt that I haven’t made a decision upon yet.

I have begun a new project.  There will be no deadline; no rush on this one.  It may take a very long time.

The enlarged photo is a posterized version of my niece, Candace:


I haven’t done an ‘art quilt’ in a long time, and this one has been on my heart for several years. 

Candace was visiting and wanted to learn to bake a pie.  She was thrilled with her first made-from-scratch cherry pie.  A happy memory, and a good one to replicate in an ‘art quilt’!

Fabric Trays and Kallie

Hubby and I adopted a 2 year old rescue cat named Kallie.  


She is a super sweet and playful kitty.  She loves her toys, and she is getting quite a collection.

I decided to corral those toys into a simple little fabric tray.  The tray is small; Kallie can easily get the toy that she wants.

Fabric Tray

And no, she doesn’t put her toys away.  That’s what her owner is for.

The fabric trays are very easy and quick to make, so I made one for my toys, too.

Fabric Tray

If you would like to make fabric trays for yourself, or perhaps a gift for someone (fill it with dark chocolate and I’ll gladly take it off your hands), click here.  The link takes you to my Pinterest where I have pinned a few tutorial variations.

Fabric Tray

You can easily change the size to fit what you want a tray for. 

Bionic Needle Case and Dumpling Dish

I have been wanting to organize my sewing machine needles for quite some time.

When I saw RipStitcher’s pattern at Craftsy, I knew the time had come!

Bionic Needle Case and Dumpling Dish

I also received a bonus pattern for the cute little Dumpling Dish.

Bionic Needle Case and Dumpling Dish

The Bionic Needle Case is an easy project and I made one for a gift, as well as one for myself.  I did add a Velcro closure to mine.

Bionic Needle Case and Dumpling Dish

The Dumpling Dish was a bit of a challenge for me.  However, it is worth it!  I love how it opens up into a round shape. 

I have Clover Wonder Clips in mine, but it could hold any number of small items.

Bionic Needle Case and Dumpling Dish

These are cute and useful little items to any sewing studio, and make great gifts!

Collector’s Pins

“Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories.” -Walter Benjamin

Not that I think my memories, that inspired my pin collection, are chaotic.  But the pin stash, all jumbled and tumbled, in a drawer, certainly was chaotic.

So I bought a few six inch artist canvases and created some display boards.

Now I have art! 

Collector's Pins

Two boards display pins from quilt shows that I participated in, or visited.

Collector's Pins

Two more boards display pins of places where I have worked, places that I have visited, or places that my daughter has visited and sent pins to me.

Two boards were not enough for these, but the other pins are pinned on hats.  Now they are all nicely displayed together, but I didn’t take a photo of them.  They are hanging on my bedroom wall.

Collector's Pins

If you look closely at the pins, you’ll see that I haven’t attended a quilt show since 2013 (Thank goodness for the internet!). 

Collector's Pins

I simply layered a piece of batting, and stretched a piece of fabric, over the canvas.  I considered using a print fabric, but thought it would be too distracting for the pins.  I used a staple gun to secure it to the back.  Easy peasy!

Add a colored accent with a little hot glue and ribbon.

Collector's Pins

The quilting and quilt show pins are displayed in my happy space…the sewing studio!

Now if I could just figure out a way to display the show ribbons, instead of having them crammed in a hat box!

Guest Blogger at Wishack

I was honored to be a guest blogger at Wishack Online today.  Because I wrote such a long post, it was necessary to be edited.  Here it is in full if you like:

“My name is Laura and I am flattered to be a guest at wishack.  I am a wife, Mom, grandma, church treasurer, have a job outside the home, and have a small online fabric shop*.  I live on six acres with a variety of fruit trees, a vegetable garden and floral gardens.  Although I enjoy a variety of crafts, my main interest is in quilting.  In other words, like most everyone else, I’m busy.  So how do I find the time to create, especially during the holiday season?

There are a lot of excellent time management tips in blogland, so I’m not going to lay out a program here.  But I will share a few things that work for me. 

One of the absolute best things I have done (and having a supportive Hubby helps me) was to create a space just for me.  I’m blessed to have an entire dedicated room and you can see my studio makeover here

It doesn’t have to be a room; it can be a closet, or a corner of a room.  The point is to have a place that reflects your personality and makes you feel creative.  It makes you happy to be here.  The world, along with the stresses, is outside.  Play your favorite music, or enjoy the silence.  This is your space to put you in the right frame of mind to relax, be yourself, and do what you love to do.  Knit, make a doll, paint a watercolor portrait, make a piñata, scrapbook, embroider a tea towel, sew a pillow, or whatever it is that makes you sing.

Planning ahead can be a good thing.  Especially if you have a large gift list, and you really want to give something made by your own hands.  Ahem.  I’m not so good at planning ahead.  I used to be, but that ability seemed to follow my children right out the door when they grew up and left home.  However, there are things I do throughout the year that come in handy for a quick gift.  For instance, I mentioned that I’m a gardener, and I have fruit trees.  I can my harvest. During the holiday season, it is no stress at all to go to the pantry, grab some homemade jellies and jams, spruce up the jar with a ribbon, and give as a gift.  Perhaps if you look around at what you do, you too, have some quick, easy and very welcome gifts already finished and ready to give.

If not, there is Pinterest

I have discovered the joy of pinning.  Goodness, there a lot of free tutorials on just about anything!  If you are a grandma, make a board for every grandchild and pin gift-giving ideas to each board.  Perhaps your grandson could use some pillowcases.  There are lots of free tutorials for making pillowcases, and these can be made very quickly.  I don’t have a board for each grandchild because I just thought of it while writing this article.  I do have boards for sewing ideas and quilting ideas and canning ideas…well…you get the idea. 

I would suggest keeping your handmade projects simple.  There is a lot of stress at holiday time, so why add to it?  There are many projects that are simple and still gift-giving worthy.  I found one online recently.  Spray paint pebbles; put the pebbles into a clear bowl and add an orange candle.  This makes a very nice Halloween centerpiece, and can be adapted to any home décor just by changing the color of the spray paint and the candle.

We tend to waste minutes on our computers, or texting, or on the couch watching tv.  Make the most of the time you have.  Only have 15 minutes?  Several seams can be sewn in 15 minutes.  A little here, and a little there, and you are soon finished.   I need to make a choice.  Do I want to spend my 15 minutes on facebook, or do I want to spend it in my happy zone?  How do you want to spend your minutes?”

*Fabric shop closed after this post was written.



More Quilter’s Caddy

I need (yes… really, really need) to make some time to sew for fun. 

Remember these?

I have now made a caddy for another beautiful grandaughter:

She is five years old now (she was 3 when the above photo was taken).

She will receive her own caddy from Grandma…maybe for Christmas…maybe sooner if I can’t wait that long.

To see my previous post, and for the tutorial, click here.

Recycling Wooden Crates

Hubby and I have used old wooden crates to harvest our fruit, but now they are old and in rough shape.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t bear to see them destined for the burn pit.

So I cleaned them up.

Hubby did some minor repairs.

I am spraying them with black paint and repurposing them.

This one is holding my collection of books on dyeing and painting fabric.

These crates could be used for any number of purposes…use to hold a wall display, or to corral those dog toys, or to hold your child’s stuffed animal collection, just to name a few.