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May OMG Goal 2019

Remember the Aunt Bea Parlor embroidery quilt?

Yeah…it has been a while.

I think that October 2017 was the last time that I shared anything about it.

Aunt Bea's Parlor

I put the quilt on a hanger and left it in the closet.  Why, I wonder?

I may have been having a border issue, as in…my border wasn’t fitting the way the pattern said.  Maybe I got frustrated. 

And, no maybes about it, when I am done with this project, I will not be cutting triangles for borders before the top is sewn together.

For now, I will be satisfied to lose points and get the top done!

So that is my goal for May.

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts to keep me accountable and motivated!

April OMG 2019 Update

I kept my goal very simple for April for a great reason…I am happily sitting in a glider this morning at my son’s house enjoying vacation with family.

I will also be able to visit  with my daughter and her fam during this vacation!

So, so happy!

My goal was to sew a pair of pajama bottoms.  Done!


They are a little big, so will take in the seam allowances next time (Yes, I did this time, but not enough).  They are also so soft and comfy.  Love them!

I am linking up  with OMG at Elm Street Quilts.  It is inspiring and encouraging to see what projects others are making progress on!

April OMG 2019

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” ― Helen Keller

Work hours have increased; it is time to get outside and play in the garden; and I do have vacation time coming.  It is a lot to pack into the month.

So, I am going to keep this month’s OMG very simple, but even so, I am not sure that I can complete it. 


I purchased this cute llama print a couple of months ago (or so).  

When I get home from work, I love to get comfy in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms, so I intended to make pajamas with it.



I have the pieces cut out…all two of them.  Ha, ha!  Not even any pockets!


What is your OMG for April?

Let’s all link up with OMG at Elm Street Quilts.  We can inspire and support one another as we work on our projects!

March OMG 2019 Update

My OMG (One Monthly Goal) for March was to finish up a couple of quilts for the kitty to use when she is curled up in the human’s chairs.

Kitty Quilt

Kitty Quilt

I kept the quilting simple and it isn’t very tidy.  I don’t think that will make a difference when these are washed.

I also don’t think perfection matters to the kitty.

Kitty Quilt

Kitty Quilt

Kitty Quilt

Now all I have to do is to remember to remove kitty hair covered quilts before the humans have a seat!

Kitty Quilt

I am linking up with OMG at Elm Street Quilts.  It will be fun and inspiring to visit the other bloggers who have linked up, and see what they were able to finish for March.

March OMG 2019

I know the cat lovers (there are a lot of us) will appreciate my goal for this month.

I need some kitty quilts for my living room chairs (Or do they belong to the kitty?).  She has her own beds (2 of them) and her own tower with another bed, but she would rather curl up in the chairs.  I know that she likes a soft quilt, so it is past time to give her one or two of her own.

I am using this simple block:

Kitty Quilt Block

There are several setting designs, depending upon how you turn the block.

Kitty Quilt

Kitty Quilt

Kitty Quilt

I’ve chosen the following two settings:

Kitty Quilt

Kitty Quilt

These quilts will be 24″ when finished.

And that is the goal for March…to sandwich the tops, quilt them, and bind them.

I am linking up with OMG at Elm Street Quilts.  It will be fun and inspiring to visit the other bloggers who have linked up and see what they are working on.