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Keep Your Eyes Peeled

For the wonderful little people in my life…Aiden, Alyssa, Hannah and Ben.

I know a road trip can be confining, boring and long.  But it can be full of surprises too.  Keep your eyes peeled and you could see similar sights to what Grandpa and I saw on our recent trip.

Minot, North Dakota

On the same day that we traveled to Clyde, North Dakota, Hubby and I also traveled to a ghost town of a different kind.  Our precious daughter-in-law was on a mission, along with a group from her church, to serve the flooded residents of Minot, North Dakota, by helping to rebuild a few homes.  It is a drop in the bucket, but every drop counts. 

Many of the residents are not returning, and many are still waiting for a FEMA trailer to live in.  Their homes are completely gutted and must dry out before rebuilding can take place.   There is much to be done and help is needed.  Facebook has a community page for ‘Minot ND Flood Help’.  You can also click here to offer help.

The following photos are just a tiny representation of the need in Minot.  They are all I could take in the short amount of time I had to visit.

A Ghost Town – Clyde, North Dakota

People who don’t cherish their elderly have forgotten whence they came and whither they go. ~Ramsey Clark

I don’t know anything about Clyde, North Dakota.  What drew me there was the opportunity to seek a connection to my great-great grandfather, Oscar Odell Brown.  Looking for a better way of life, Oscar moved his young family to Clyde.  Instead, the town claimed his life in March of 1908.  I never found evidence of his having been there, but I found my connection in walking where Oscar walked.  I think you might enjoy the walk too.