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Country Road Quilt Block

I played a little bit with the Country Road Quilt Block:

Country Roads Quilt Block

I drew the block with a 7 x 7 grid.

It is a terrific chain block!  Here is Country Roads set side by side in a straight set:

Country Roads Straight Set

Rather than look for alternate blocks to pair with it, I experimented with deleting some of the lines in the block to create an alternate block.

The following quilt designs are all created from the Country Roads block and simple variations of it.  All are straight sets.

Country Roads Straight Set

Country Roads Straight Set

Country Roads Straight Set

I am sure that there are lots and lots of variations to this block.  Take some time to play and see what you can come up with!

Happy quilting!

Brave World Quilt Block Part 2

In a previous post, I shared the Brave World quilt block in several straight set designs.

Brave World Quilt Block

Here is how it looks set side by side and on point:

Brave World On Point Set

Let’s try sashing and a different colorway:

Brave World On Point Set

I like it better!

When I remove some lines from the original block, I am left with a pinwheel block that I can use as an alternate with the Brave World block.

Brave World On Point Set

Brave World On Point Set

Brave World On Point Set

Keep playing the ‘what if’ game!  You may get some dud designs, but, then again, you may be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with!

Twinkling Star Quilt Block

I really like this week’s choice, Twinkling Star, from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year.

Twinkling Star Quilt Block

I drew it from a 3.5 x 5 x 3.5 grid.

Even though I really like this quilt block, I had a difficult time getting inspired and original with it.  I don’t know why. 

Here is how Twinkling Stars looks set side by side in a straight setting:

winkling Star Straight Set

I find it boring.

I’ve altered the block a bit and set the new block, along with a low contrast traditional block, and the Twinkling Star in a new straight set design:

winkling Star Straight Set

Now I’m not so bored with it.

Another design, but I think the red stars overwhelm Twinkling Star:

winkling Star Straight Set

It might be worth exploring if I changed the size of those red stars.

What if I darken the color and alternate Twinkling Star with a different traditional block?

winkling Star Straight Set

I like it!

Next, I tried mixing in a chain block.

winkling Star Straight Set

My low contrast might be too low contrast.  I’m influenced by my friend Judy, the Virtual Quilter.  She uses a low contrast technique frequently for her backgrounds, and I like how it looks.

winkling Star Straight Set

winkling Star Straight Set

Have a blessed happy new year full of wonderful times of creativity!

Album Quilt Block

The Album quilt block, another pick from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar (I’m still working my way through this calendar), was a bit of a challenge for me this week.  Maybe it is because I had to use orange and blue.  Whatever.

Album Quilt Block

The Album block is drawn with a 3 x 3 grid.

Here is how it looks in a straight set:

Album Straight Set

I experimented with an inner border without sashing between it and the quilt.  I don’t think I like it.

I like the plain inner border on the next design.  It also has sashing between the blocks:

Album On Point Set 2

I made some changes to the Album block and used the new blocks in the following designs:

Album On Point Set 4

Album On Point Set 5

Album On Point Set 6

The last design is a sampler to help you see the blocks.  The blocks are set on point.

Block Sampler

The block in the top right corner is the Album block. 

The center block has all the lines deleted but the four corner triangles.  It forms a Snowball block. 

The lower right corner has the small inner squares deleted, and lines added to create the star. 

The block in the upper left corner has the inner squares deleted. 

The block in the lower left corner added lines to create rectangles within the blocks.

I could search block libraries for alternate blocks to use in a design, but adding and deleting lines to and from the main block that I want to use ensures that I will have blocks that play well together.

Next week, I’ll show the Album block in a few on point settings.

Airplane Quilt Block

I have been practicing my drawing and designing skills using Electric Quilt and Nancy Martin’s calendar for my tools and inspiration. Nancy Martin CalendarLooking back, I can see lots of personal growth.

However, the Airplane block was a bit of a drawing challenge for me.  It is not done with an obvious grid.

Airplane Quilt Block

But I conquered! 

In fact, as I sit here, writing, and looking at the block, I realize that I may have drawn this the hard way.  Those bright yellow squares are now jumping out at me, and they would make an obvious grid to use as a starting off point.  Something I did not do (Why didn’t I see that when I was drawing?!).  LOL!

I started out with the EasyDraw worktable.  Mistake!  If you want to practice this block, choose the EasyDraw + PatchDraw worktable.  You’ll need the PatchDraw to draw the propeller.  If you forget, and use the EasyDraw worktable, like I did, you will need to copy your block and paste it to the EasyDraw + PatchDraw worktable. 

Thank you, Electric Quilt Genies, for making it possible to copy and paste entire blocks for folks like me!  I really didn’t want to have to redraw the whole thing!

And here is the quilt design that I came up with:

Airplane Quilt

All of the blocks can be found in Electric Quilt’s block library.  How cool is that?!