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Alpine Cross Quilt Block Part 2

This is the Alpine Cross quilt block that I introduced last week:

Alpine Cross Quilt Block

Last week, I showed the block in straight settings.  This week, I am showing the block in on point settings.

Alpine Cross On Point Set

With sashing and cornerstones:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 2

Opening up the design a bit with an alternate block:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 3

And even more space (I should try this one in green, red and white):

Alpine Cross On Point Set 4

How about introducing another block into the design:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 5

Same blocks; just moving them around to see what happens:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 6

Alpine Cross On Point Set 7

Which one do you like?

Alpine Cross Quilt Block Part 1

Using Electric Quilt , I am playing with the Alpine Cross quilt block this week.

Alpine Cross Quilt Block

It is drawn with a 5 x 5 grid.

For the practice, I prefer to draw it myself, but if you have BlockBase, then search for #1876a.

Here is what Alpine Cross looks like in a straight set:

Alpine Cross Straight Set

I thought I added a great border.  Now I think it is too distracting.  I’d change that if I were going to make this quilt design.  LOL!

Next, I added sashing and cornerstones.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 2

I like it much better.

What if I move the color around?

Alpine Cross Straight Set 3

Alpine Cross Straight Set 4

Take the time to play with color and value placement.  I should’ve changed the color of those cornerstones.  Sometimes moving color and value around makes all the difference between an okay design, a good design, and a great design.  And more often, it is simply a matter of personal taste.

You can change the color scheme altogether too.  I tried to choose a woodsy, masculine theme for this exercise.  The pink is really needed to create the contrast (although a very light beige or white would’ve worked very well).  Keep contrast in mind when you are choosing color and value.

I also kept the fabric choices to a minimum, just for simplicity’s sake.  One could certainly get very scrappy if one wanted to.

I deleted some lines in the Alpine Cross block, to come up with an alternate block.  It simplified the design and I like it.  Some of the blocks are rotated too.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 5

Again, I altered the Alpine Cross to create another alternate block.  Now I have more to play with, and the designs are getting interesting.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 6

What do you think?

One Union Square Quilt Block – Part 2

Remember these blocks from last week’s post:

One Union Square quilt block set on point:

One Union Square On Point Set

And set with sashing:

One Union Square On Point Set 2

Let’s mix it up with the altered blocks:

One Union Square On Point Set 3

Now I’m likin’ this!

One Union Square On Point Set 4I’d like to see these star blocks in Christmas colors!  I’ll be revisiting this Electric Quilt project.

One Union Square On Point Set 5

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Old Favorite Quilt Block

Another block, from Nancy Martin’s 365 Quilt Blocks a Year Perpetual Calendar, that is fun to play with is the Old Favorite quilt block.

Old Favorite Quilt Block

It is drawn with an 8 x 8 grid.

Sometimes we just want a simple calm, masculine looking quilt.  Using just three fabrics (a dark, a medium, and a light), and setting the block in a straight set gives us just that.

Old Favorite Straight Set

And sometimes we want a bright quilt, so I’ve recolored the block.

Old Favorite Quilt Block2

And I’ve set the block in a straight set with an alternate block. Alot more energy is happening now!

Old Favorite Straight Set2

And again, Old Favorite in two colorways, set in a straight set with an alternate block.

Old Favorite Straight Set3

Let’s not forget to play with the on point setting (lots of interesting things can happen when turning a block on point).  Here I have added some plain blocks to the mix.

Old Favorite On Point Set

Much more can be done just by moving color and value around the block.  Have fun playing with this one!

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Coronation Quilt Block

One of the things that I love about Electric Quilt, is the quick and easy way to visualize what a block will look like in a quilt setting.

Today, we are looking at the Coronation block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar.

Coronation is drafted from an 8 x 8 grid.

Here it is presented in a simple straight set (blocks set square…side by side) with borders:

Coronation Straight Set

And with some plain blocks added:

Coronation Straight Set 2

Those plain blocks open up areas for applique, and to show off quilting.  Plain blocks can also alter a design in very pleasing and unexpected ways.

Here is what Coronation looks like in a simple on point set with borders:

Coronation Straight On Point Set

I generally find blocks set side-by-side to be very busy designs.  I think most blocks really need to be set with an alternate block, whether it be plain or another block.

Here’s the on point setting with some plain blocks added:

Coronation Straight On Point Set 2

I’d like to see this design in red, gold, green and white…I’m seeing Christmas with these stars!

If you have BlockBase, you can play with a variation of the Coronation quilt block.

It is number 4185 and is drafted with a 10 x 10 grid.

Just to visualize, I have alternated both Coronation quilt blocks in a straight set followed by an on point setting.

Coronation Straight Set 3

Coronation Straight On Point Set 3

So go ahead and have fun!  Try on different borders, change the color and value, rotate the blocks, and try different block combinati0ns.