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Magnolia Bud Quilt Block Part 2

I finally made the time to play with the Magnolia Bud quilt block on point. Truthfully, it was hard to get motivated because I wasn’t interested in this block. Turns out that I had fun with it. I may revisit it with some other blocks, such as a basket block, or two, sometime in the future.

Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

You can find examples of the Magnolia Bud block in a straight set by clicking here, or hover over the Quilt Blocks tab in the header and click on M – R.

Here is the Magnolia Bud set on point:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

Sweet, but maybe too boring for some of us.

When the blocks are rotated, stars come out to play:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

Add some color and play with value:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

That may be a bit too flashy for some of us, but that’s okay.  We can keep playing anyway.

Let’s rotate some more:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

Ummmm…not my thing, but maybe appealing for some of you.

What if we added four patches to the Magnolia Bud block?

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

I like the subtle background interest that created.  Do you?

How does it look if we add an accent color to the four patch?

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

Let’s simplify and see if we like that better:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

I like it!

Maybe you won’t like your first try at quilt design.  Maybe you won’t like your second, or third either.  Maybe you’ll like the fourth try.  Don’t stop there; your fifth, or tenth, might be the best (or worst) yet.

Just have fun!  Don’t take it all too seriously.  Do this for you…not the Quilt Police!

Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

The Magnolia Bud quilt block is a sweet spring block.

Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

I drew it in Electric Quilt with a 4 x 4 grid.  If you have BlockBase, it is #2208.

Set side-by-side in a straight set, it looks like this:

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

Soft and sweet.  Except that my eye is focused on that green, and if I were to make this, I’d try a softer green.

Let’s see how the design looks if some of the blocks are rotated:

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

I like that better (and I would still change the green to a more muted green).

What if bolder color is added?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What if two of the greens, and two of the pinks were reversed?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What do the Magnolia Bud blocks look like when separated by sashing and cornerstones?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What if the center square of the quilt block was replaced with a four patch, and alternated with the original block?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

Keep playing the ‘What If’ game!  You’ll come up with a winner that you will enjoy creating!  There is no right or wrong…create what makes you happy!

Weed Killing and What is Blooming

I’m pulled in several directions, more so now that the good earth is blooming. 

 I want to be sewing…practicing my free motion quilting and working on the Widow.

I want to be working, and I am, little by little, on the kitchen makeover.

I want to be planting my peas and carrots.

So…what am I doing?  This:

Notice the sprayer on the right?

And the weeds?  Most of the weeds that I am zapping with weed killer are in the driveway.    A loooooong driveway when you’re lugging around a couple of gallons of weed killer.

I got most of it done, but still have a small portion of the upper driveway to do.

The fun part of rural living?  Let me zoom to the end of the driveway for you:

I’m still playing with my camera too.  Here’s some eye candy from the garden:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the magnolia bloom… the deer usually eat the buds before they open…but I’m lucky this year!

This last one is especially for my Mom:

I know you have things to do, but make sure you get out and enjoy Spring!