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Old Molson Ghost Town – Part Two

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Assay Office

Mining Tools

Mining Tools 2

Old Molson Bank

Old Molson Bank 2

Bank Typewriter

Bank Safe

Printing Press

Newspaper Advertisement

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Old Molson Ghost Town – Part One

Continuing on with our one day road trip, we come to Old Molson Ghost Town

Hubby and I were here, perhaps 20 years ago with our children, and it doesn’t look like anything has changed since then.  It is not touristy…no one was here when we visited then, and no one was here this day either.  There are no gift shops, no restaurants, etc.  This is a ghost town after all, folks!

It will be the last ghost town visit this day, but it is also very rich in history.  The town has been made into a museum, free to the public, and with a wealth of antiques that everyone is allowed to touch.  Except for a few smaller items, nothing is roped off.  The buildings are open, and the place is a great hands on educational experience for both the young and the old.

Old Molson Sign

Hubby and I took loads of photos, so the next few blog posts will be photos of farm and logging machinery, and a host of other tools and such.  Old Molson makes it fun and easy to imagine yourself as a miner, a logger, a cowboy, a farmer or a homesteader in days gone by.


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Wagon Wheel


Wagon 2

Shingle Mill/Law Office

Shingle Mill Tools

Law Office Wood Stove

Law Office

Reward Sign