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Lighthouse Quilt Block

Let’s explore some basic design with the Lighthouse quilt block.

Lighthouse Quilt Block

If you have BlockBase, it is number 2851.

The Lighthouse quilt block can be drawn with 5 x 5 or 10 x 10 grid.

Here is what the block looks like when set side by side in a straight set with borders:

Lighthouse Straight Set

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Delete a few lines from the original Lighthouse quilt block to come up with some alternate variations to play with.

Lighthouse Variation Quilt Block

And change the value placement as well.

Lighthouse Variation 2 Quilt Block

A design with all three blocks included:

Lighthouse Straight Set (4)

A design with a crossing alternate block (called Devil’s Puzzle):

Lighthouse Straight Set (2)

Maybe you would prefer the Wild Goose Chase block instead:

Lighthouse Straight Set (3)

Sometimes we want strong lines; lines to draw the eye side to side, or diagonally, across the quilt.  How strong the lines are depends upon the type of crossing blocks we choose.

The next design shows the Lighthouse quilt block on point.  It is easy to see the blocks because of the sashing (another way to include strong lines in the design).

Lighthouse On Point Set

Space can be created by adding a plain block to the design.  Spaces are places for the eye to rest, and to show off great quilting.

Lighthouse On Point Set (2)

The previous quilt design, and the following design, use the same blocks.  Except for the center block (and a couple of other blocks), they are merely reversed.  Fun to see the difference!

Lighthouse On Point Set (4)

And another example of strong lines, but placed on point:

Lighthouse On Point Set (3)