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Yoda Finish

It has been a very hot, dry and windy summer…ripe for wildfires…and indeed, we have them raging in my home state of Washington, as well as Oregon and California.  So when I am home from the day job, I am attempting to keep some green space around my home.

I have great water, but it comes from a gravity fed spring, so I am limited to how long, and how much, I can water the gardens at any one time.  I am losing the battle for the green space.  Fortunately, there are no wildfires close by. 

I am blessed.

We did get a brief respite from a cool down and storm.  Unfortunately, this storm was particularly vicious.  There are downed trees everywhere, and it left thousands of people without power, water, and, in many cases, without a place to live since the trees smashed their homes.  My father is one of those without power and water, but he is coping well.

Again, I am blessed.

What angers me is that these people who have lost so much because of natural disasters are now being preyed upon by looters.  I look forward to the Lord’s justice in dealing with these heartless and selfish crooks!

I bet you don’t remember this:

I made a stencil of words and painted it:

Seemed fitting for kittens:

Then the little project sat. 

And sat.

I have finally sandwiched it and finished it.

I was going to use free motion quilting and outline the kittens’ bodies…sort of a ghost effect.  Once I sandwiched it, and quilted it, however, I didn’t like it.

My next thought was to paint the bodies.  I should’ve stopped thinking and followed through on that idea.

Instead, I decided to thread paint the bodies.  Now I know about stabilizers (I’ve thread painted before), but this was already sandwiched and quilted.  And, yes, I know that I still could have used a water-soluble stabilizer.  If I had any.  I didn’t.  And if I wanted to wait to finish.  I didn’t.

Ha!  My little quilt (about 8″ x 11″) shrunk up like a roasted marshmallow!  I had to steam the snot out of it to get it to lie flat again!


I’m done.  Maybe a granddaughter will want this one.  Or I will be an anonymous giver to a quilting buddy.  Heh, heh!

On to the next UFO.

The Kittens Have Come Out to Play

It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens. ~Cynthia E. Varnado

Weed Killing and What is Blooming

I’m pulled in several directions, more so now that the good earth is blooming. 

 I want to be sewing…practicing my free motion quilting and working on the Widow.

I want to be working, and I am, little by little, on the kitchen makeover.

I want to be planting my peas and carrots.

So…what am I doing?  This:

Notice the sprayer on the right?

And the weeds?  Most of the weeds that I am zapping with weed killer are in the driveway.    A loooooong driveway when you’re lugging around a couple of gallons of weed killer.

I got most of it done, but still have a small portion of the upper driveway to do.

The fun part of rural living?  Let me zoom to the end of the driveway for you:

I’m still playing with my camera too.  Here’s some eye candy from the garden:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the magnolia bloom… the deer usually eat the buds before they open…but I’m lucky this year!

This last one is especially for my Mom:

I know you have things to do, but make sure you get out and enjoy Spring!