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A Weekend to Retreat and Kitchen Makeover Update

Sisterhood is powerful.  ~Robin Morgan

What a blessing to spend a weekend of spiritual and emotional renewal at a Ladies Retreat!  I was fortunate to spend three days with women from all over my small corner of the world.  We worshipped, laughed, cried, ate, treasure hunted, prayed and more together. 

True…I am biased, but I highly recommend the speaker we were blessed to have for the weekend.  She knows the Word, and she has a love for her spiritual sisters.  And yeah, she has a love for her physical sisters too.  I just happen to be one of them.  Check out Linda Jo Reed’s website.

While I was enjoying a great weekend away, Hubby was working hard to surprise me (I love him!).  He got the kitchen floor finished!

Remember this?:

And this?:

Now it looks like this!:

Fresh, light and no gaps!

I don’t have a large designer kitchen and I don’t need one.  I love my country bumpkin kitchen makeover!

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This and That – Kitchen and Widow’s Mite Update

Kitchen project update:

Remember that?:

Now it is this:

Remember that?:

Now it is this:

Fresh paint and new hardware.  Check!

Hubby is finishing up the glass cabinet doors, and then on to that floor!

The Widow’s Mite project update:

Applique pieces are being secured with free-motion zig-zag.

When the zig-zagging gets done, then I’ll stitch in some details with thread painting.

Update on the Weeding project:

Not so much.

What’s your progress?

Kitchen Makeover – Part 3

Remember this?

Now it looks like this:

New  knobs and hinges:

Oh so much better than the dirty outdated brass ones!

We aren’t done yet.  This photo shows primer and paint:

Soon those drawers will be painted and they will have their freshly painted doors installed too.

It won’t be too much longer before the floor is tackled.  Maybe.  Like I said; we work slow.

Happy renovations…big or small…to all you do-it-yourselfers!

I’ll keep ya posted!

Kitchen Makeover

I live in a small rural country bumpkin house.  I love my house, but she is in need of a makeover.  Now I don’t have alot of time or money to devote to the project, but we’ll see what we can do.

This is how the kitchen has looked since before Hubby and I moved in several years ago.  I’ve never liked it.

Yes, the oak wood is very, very nice.  That’s what makes it so hard to paint it.

But paint it we will.

And change out the hardware too.  I really dislike the knobs and drawer pulls!

And how about this floor?

Let’s hope we can manage to do a better job with the flooring than the person who did this.

Hubby and I are slow to get things done, but we’ve started.  I’m painting cabinets and he is filling holes and preparing for new hinges.  Little by little.

I’ll keep ya posted.