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Be Mine – Part 2

Did I say this project would be quick?  Oops.

I’ve decided to machine embroider the block with 12 weight Aurifil and a topstitch needle.  I’ve memorized the way that my sewing machine forms the stitch so that I don’t make a mess of it!

It is slow going, but I’m liking how it looks.


The stems are hand embroidered.  I could’ve done the rest that way, but I really want to learn what this machine can do.

Nine blocks fused.  Eight left to machine embroider.

Free Motion Quilt Challenge – January

I am taking the Free Motion Quilt Challenge over at SewCalGal’s blog in the hopes of honing my machine quilting skills (And do they ever need honing!).  I am excited about this challenge; SewCalGal is packed full of helpful tips and information.  She has also gone to the effort of procuring a terrific lineup of expert free motion quilting teachers.

January’s teacher is Frances Moore.  She has given us a leaf design to practice free motion quilting.  Her video can be found here.

And yes, I’m posting at the end of the month.  What can I say?  Better late than never…I’ve been busy…life in the way…dog ate my homework?

I divided a fat quarter into thirds to practice this design.

I think I am practicing hearts, not leaves.  LOL!

On the back, I like to write what needle size, tension, and thread I used for practice.  I don’t remember what I’ve done, so I keep my practice pieces for reference.  I’m the only one with this problem, right?

Leaves (in my case, hearts) with a spiral twist.  Cute!  They are more exciting to me; they dance!  I do need  to pay attention…there is one heart without a spiral in it (don’t strain your eyes…I didn’t capture it in the close-up).

The back looks better here!

Leaves on a stem.  These could be lots of fun; I need to practice with these more, and change the shape.  My brain wanted to make fat leaves, but they would look cool if I elongated them.

The back looks good here too.

I would’ve tried a size 16 needle (just for reference) but didn’t have one.  Also, I am using Schmetz denim needles (for the curious need-to-know).  After looking at the back, I much prefer WonderFil InvisiFil 100wt. or Aurifil 50wt. over Bottom Line with the heavy 30wt. YLI.