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It is that time again…the time when new resolutions and goals are being stated and written everywhere.  A time when one’s hopes are fresh and new beginnings bring brightness to one’s future.

So…what are my goals?

A haircut and a dentist appointment. 

I believe in reachable goals.  Don’t you? 

It has been months since I’ve had either of these.  Last summer, I think.  I lost a filling sometime back then.

I do have a long-term goal.  It is more elusive; at least for me.  I intend to find it.  My word for 2015 is ‘Joy’.  More on this later.

The first day of the new year, I spent baking and sewing.  How great that feels!  It has been a long time.  I’m not ready to share what I am sewing, but I can share what I baked.

My favorite gingerbread recipe!

Gingerbread Recipe

*Click on the photo for an enlarged peek.

It is from my favorite cookbook.  The American Woman’s Cookbook, published in 1947, and given to me by my mother-in-law when I was a young bride.

American Woman's Cookbook

American Woman's Cookbook

A very joyful New Year to you all!


The Most Important New Year Resolution


I am unashamedly posting the Gospel Truth.  If this makes you angry, or squeamish, so be it.

It is the time of year when we are all considering our new goals for a new year.  How wonderful are fresh beginnings!  What better New Year Resolution is there than to strive for a right relationship with our Heavenly Father?  Every day is a new beginning with Him!

Think about it.

We are all worthy to be loved, from the do-gooder to the murderer, and everyone in-between.  All are worthy to be loved.

God, the Heavenly Father God, loves us all unconditionally.  No strings attached.  Unearned love.  Unfathomable love.

Does this mean all are bound for eternal life in Heaven?  No way.  Our Heavenly Father is Just and Holy.  He cannot abide sin.  And all of us are sinners.  None of us are worthy of an eternal life in His Presence.

Remember that unearned, unfathomable love?  What makes us worthy of it?  Our Heavenly Father gave us salvation through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross.  Would He make that sacrifice lightly?  Would He suffer so much pain on our account if He considered us unworthy?  I think not.

Our Father doesn’t ask us to understand it.  All He asks is for us to believe, confess our sins, and choose a right relationship with Him.  Trust Him.  Obey Him.  Love Him.  He loves us so much, that He gives us choice.  Choose Him.  Choose love.  Choose life.


What is the most important New Year Resolution we can make?  What matters more than a goal that ministers to our soul?

Think about it.

Do You Know Where Your Goals Are?

“Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.” – Seneca

I have been a secret admirer of Candy Glendening over at CandiedFabrics for some time now.  She is a very creative fiber artist (among other accomplishments) and full of energy.  She is also very courageous.

I keep my goals in a journal.  Oh all right…I have them scattered in various notebooks and on scraps of paper.  But Candy?  Well…she just has them all organized and published for all the world to see.  They are out there!  In public!

Do you suppose that is a very good motivator for getting so much accomplished?  Indeed.  Powerful. 

How do you record your goals?  In your head?  On a calendar?  On a blog for all the world to see?  What makes you accountable to your goals?  Do you have a plan to reach your goals?  Do you set deadlines?  

I have work to do.  I’m going to be revisiting and revising my goals.  How about you?

I’d love to hear from you!