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January 2023 Goal Setting

I was privileged to end 2022 by having my 91-year-old Mom come for a visit.  She stayed long enough to see 2023 come in. We watched movies, played games, and simply enjoyed each other’s company.

Mom - 91st Birthday

Time very well spent!

Now that she is safely back to her home, it is time to turn my attention to some goal setting.

I decided to join Karen Brown at Just Get It Done Quilts for her Sewing Room Declutter Challenge. I put a link in my side bar; perhaps you would also like to join.

There are many UFO helps in Blogging Land, but this year, I am joining Cherry Guidry at Cherry Blossoms Quilting. Cherry has created a very nice UFO Tracker and a support Facebook group.

I thought I had my UFOs listed, but I searched my computer and my sewing room and couldn’t find the list. So…I will be writing those projects down as I find them while decluttering this week.

One thing I know for sure. I intend to finish quilting my daughter’s Patriotic quilt. I think this will be first!

Jessica's Patriot

I posted about her quilt here. I did indeed begin quilting, but only got so far as stitching in the ditch. Time to get this done and return the quilt to her!

There are nonrelated sewing goals of course. Organizing my computer should probably be one of them. Heh, heh!

May you all be blessed with a healthy and happy New Year!

Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal March 2022

I am still very much involved in genealogy research. I thought I would be much further along, but it has proved more fascinating for me than I thought that it would. I feel that my mind is sharper than it has been in a long time.

I’ve learned much about history while discovering Huguenots, reasons for immigration, reverends, doctors, farmers, loggers, plantation owners (some with slaves), patriots, deserters, murderers (one over property, two from family disputes, and one racist), bootleggers, and more. It is hard to tear myself away.

Which brings me to my original non sewing goal. Editing and creating a photo memory book from our family trip to Hawaii in 2016. I haven’t put much effort into it.

Diamond Head Hawaii

These photos are from the day that the family visited the very beautiful Diamond Head State Park.

Diamond Head Hawaii

The Diamond Head Trail …, which culminates in panoramic views of Oahu, the famous Diamond Head Lighthouse, a United States Coast Guard facility that has been featured on a U.S. postage stamp, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. On a clear day, you can also the nearby island of Molokai.”

Diamond Head Hawaii

Our son, daughter-in-law, and their 2 children, our daughter, son-in-law, and their 3 children hiked this very steep mule trail up to the crater and back with Hubby and myself. It was arduous and I was overcome with the heat (bring a lot of water!). But it sure was worth it!

Diamond Head Hawaii
Diamond Head Hawaii

See that big smile on Hubby’s face? He was so happy to be with family! This amazing man hiked the entire trail with a shattered knee! Yup…he was in pain, but none of us knew that he had broken his knee before coming on this vacation.

He wasn’t going to let a little mishap ruin this vacation!

How about you? How are the non sewing goals coming along? What new thing do you want to learn and experience this year?

Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal January 2022

Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal January 2022 Update

Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal February 2022

See the world around you!

Carry On!

Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal February 2022

I have done very little sewing so far this month.

Instead, I have been absorbed in genealogy (Gotta do that research before my subscription to Ancestry runs out!).

Currently, I am working on researching the Civil War ancestors. I don’t know a thing about war service, but I am learning. I have learned that it is very hard to place ancestors with their correct service record, when the parents chose similar names for their children! In other words, more than a few cousins and uncles are all named John, James and William!

I also learned that one can transfer to another regiment, or be absorbed by another regiment. So I may have William listed in several regiments and I apparently think that he has the ability to be in multiple places at once.

I don’t feel too bad about my confusion in placing everyone with their corresponding family and regiment…I have noticed, when I look at other public trees, that there is an abundance of confusion.

I can’t stress enough…check, cross-check, and do it again!

There are more to research, but I am sure of the following. All are 3rd cousins 5 times removed except for James…he is a 1st cousin 5 times removed.

James Trueblood b.1816 to d.1890 31st Regiment
James Trueblood
b.1816 to d.1890
31st Regiment
Samuel C. Trueblood b.1833 to d.1913 50th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Samuel C. Trueblood
b.1833 to d.1913
50th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Adolphus Trueblood 15th Regiment, Indiana Infantry b.1836 to d.1832
Adolphus Trueblood
b.1836 to d.1832
15th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
2nd Lieutenant
Gilbert B Trueblood 133rd Infantry b. 1839 d.1907
Gilbert B Trueblood
b. 1839 d.1907
133rd Infantry
Surgeon Assistant

I do know where these graves are, and I have the service records of their regiments, but I won’t take up the space here. Just so you know…I have been on the internet way too much!

My other non-sewing related goal is to edit our photos from a 2016 vacation to Hawaii.

USS Missouri Hawaii 2016
USS Missouri Hawaii 2016
USS Missouri Hawaii 2016
USS Missouri Hawaii 2016

Little by little.

Keeping on.

How about you? Making progress with the non-sewing related goals?

Carry On!

Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal January 2022 Update

In this post, I stated a goal that I want to achieve this year; a goal that has nothing to do with sewing or embroidery.

I shared that I intend to organize hundreds of Hawaii vacation photos from 2016 and make a memory photo book.

Progress is slow; I sort through a few at a time, and they need editing. It is okay to be slow…I am moving the project forward.

Hawaii 2016 Luau

In the comments, some of you also said that you had non-sewing/embroidery goals.

Are you moving forward with your goals; even if it is slow?

Tell me your progress in the comment section. I really do enjoy hearing from you!

Carry On!

Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal January 2022

Other than sewing related goals, I do have another type of goal for this month.

In 2016, my husband and I, our children and grandchildren took a fantastic trip to Oahu, Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach Oahu 2016

I want to organize those hundreds of photos that we all took and shared with each other.

With the help of Snapfish, or Shutterfly, I want to create a memory photo book from favorite photos.

Polynesian Cultural Center Oahu 2016

Anyone else as slow as I am at organizing?

In the comments, tell me what non-sewing related goal you have set for yourself (if any).

Carry On!