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Valencia Street Bike Basket

I have had the Valencia Street Bike Basket tutorial link saved on my Pinterest for quite some time.

My two granddaughters are six and five years old…new bike riders.   I’ve decided the time has come to make the bike basket.

Palak Shah’s tutorial is easy to follow and the basket is quick to make.  You could make it without the ties and just have a nice basket.  Or you could add ties to every corner and just leave them tied as bows for a decorative touch to  the basket.  The basket doesn’t have to be used for a bike.  It could be a useful room decoration.

I don’t have a bike, so I couldn’t tie the basket to the handlebars to show to you,  but you get the idea.

Bike Baskets

My granddaughters will be getting these for Christmas.

Bike Baskets