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I did not finish all that was on my Focus 2020 creative list, but that is okay.  There is no rush; no race.  This list is for personal enjoyment, not a must do, honey-do, get it done errands list.

What doesn’t get done can be carried over or not ever done.  It is okay.

Focus 2020

My favorite completions from the 2020 list:


Candace’s Cherry Pie

Lets Sew Quilt Along

Let’s Sew Quilt Along

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections

These projects, and other finishes, can be found by clicking on the Galleries tab on the header, or click here.

2021 is a very welcome new year, and time to update those creative goals.

I have carried over some, and I have added some.  

I always reserve the option to revamp at any time during the year if I want.  I might change my mind at some point.  I might see ‘squirrels’ that lead me in another direction.

It is okay.  It is my list after all.

Focus 2021

I want to play more with embroidery.  I use to do a lot of it, and it is time to bring it back.

So I pulled out two challenging projects that I have had in my stash for some time.

Fall Moon

Fall Moon

I am not an advanced embroiderer.  Not even close!

These may qualify for the ‘what was I thinking’ category!

Times and Seasons

I also want to continue to enjoy, learn and practice photography.  It is a wonderful creative outlet for me…something that takes me outside to experience God’s creations!

Whatever your creative goals are, may you experience a fantastic new year in 2021!

Candace Project Update 8

As I take a little time out to read blog posts that I enjoy, I see that most are in the midst of choosing their 2020 goals and new word of the year.

I find it all very inspiring!

And very distracting, too.

I have had a difficult time not planning fun, new projects and joining in the group challenges and mysteries.

I want to.  I really do.

But I also want to do ‘my thing’…whatever that is.  I guess I chose my word of the year already, when, in November, I decided to create a FOCUS list for myself.  I know it is only Day 1 of January, but I am amazed at myself for sticking with it so far!  I keep the list updated here, and I am happy that it does show progress.

Two projects (the RSC18 Squared Away Sampler and Vintage Ornaments) are completed and I am working on the third.

As you can see from the links below, I haven’t worked on Candace since last August.  Here is a reminder of where I left her:


I have been working on free motion zigzagging all of the pieces so that they will be secure.



I thought you might like to see some close-ups.






She will be ready for thread painting detail soon.

May you all be blessed with a happy, healthy, and productive New Year!

Candace Project 1

Candace Project 2

Candace Project 3

Candace Project 4

Candace Project 5

Candace Project 6

Candace Project 7

Focus Update

I began the RSC18 Squared Away Sampler in March of 2018.

My last update was in November of this year, where I shared that I completed the quilting.

I tried a new-to-me technique, and finished the quilt with a flange binding.  (I used Susie’s Magic Binding method.)  I like the results, but I felt that my binding was too wide, so when I try this again, I will experiment with the measurements.

The days have been overcast, foggy, dark and short, so my picture taking isn’t very good, but it is enough for you to see my progress.

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

I am so happy to put a UFO finish on my FOCUS list (I keep it updated for myself here)!

I have a thing or two to learn about loading the backing straight on a frame.  Ha, ha!

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

Close up of the flange binding:

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

Close ups for the fun of it:

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

* To see all of the monthly posts for the RSC18 Squared Away Sampler, simply put RSC18, or Squared Away Sampler, in the Search box.

The Vintage Ornaments quilt has been pin basted!

Vintage Ornaments

I have no idea how I am going to quilt it, except that it will be with the domestic sewing machine, and I will begin by stitching in the ditch to stabilize the layers and remove some of those pins.

Vintage Ornaments

Vintage Ornaments

A few more bow tie blocks have been sewn, but no photo to show.

December will probably be too busy to do much more with my list of sewing goals (as I am sure it will be for you, too).  I have discovered, however, that a few minutes here, and a few minutes there, do eventually add up to a finished project.

Enjoy the season!

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler Update

The RSC18 Squared Away Sampler quilt is so busy that I don’t think one can tell that it is quilted unless one is looking close.

So I chose to do an all over design as opposed to custom quilting (and it is quicker to do… there is that).

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

Here is a close up view…it really is quilted!

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

It might be easier to see quilted bees from the back, but not much easier.

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

More bow tie leader/enders have been made.  I have taken the time to pack them in packs of 1o for easier counting.  There are 399 plus a few in the basket.  I want to make 768 for the setting that I have in mind.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

A personal little shout out to Donna…I think I am doing well so far with my Focus list!  I am keeping an updated version for myself here.