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Flying Dutchman Quilt Block

This week, we’ll look at the Flying Dutchman quilt block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar.

The Flying Dutchman is drafted from a 4 x 4 grid.

Electric Quilt makes it quick and easy to visualize what this block will look like set side by side in a simple straight set with borders.

Flying Dutchman Straight Set

I like it better with sashing strips added:

Flying Dutchman Straight Set 2

See what happens when I switch out a few Flying Dutchman and add the Basic 4X block:

Flying Dutchman Straight Set 3

I like that star in the center!

Let’s see what the Flying Dutchman block looks like turned on point with borders:

Flying Dutchman On Point Set

Again, I like it better with sashing strips:

Flying Dutchman On Point Set 2

This is what happens when I increase the width of the sashing and put the Basic 4X blocks in the strips:

Flying Dutchman On Point Set 3

I am presenting basic design to you.  Create your own fun by trying different borders, changing the color and value, rotating the blocks, playing with sashing, and trying different block combinati0ns.