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May 2022 OMG

I am keeping my May OMG goal simple. Like previous months, I want to complete all of the current month’s blocks, in this case, May’s 365 Challenge blocks…I don’t want to fall behind with the project!

365 Challenge

January completed blocks.

February completed blocks.

March completed blocks.

April completed blocks.

That’s it.

And what keeps me from the sewing studio?

How about yard work?


Remember when I visited with my son and fam recently?


We had plumbing issues and needed a repair in the drain field. Of course, we had to wait for the snow to leave, and that took a bit of time.

What a mess, but it is done, and now the work begins to make it a nice yard again!


And then there is this:

Painting Dining Room

We are painting the dining room and kitchen.

Goodbye green and hello very light gray!

Painting Dining Room

So happy to have a bright and fresh new look!

I am linking with Elm Street Quilts. Click on the link and check out the other goals linked there!

Quilt On!

Tech Bag

Quite a few years ago, I printed out a tutorial for a tech bag.  The creator called it a tech bag because she wanted a bag for her charger cords.

I wish I could find the tutorial for you, but it is an extinct website.

I have, however, finally gotten around to making the bag.

Tech Bag

I am going to use it for the same purpose…to hold the phone and the charger cord.

And it is roomy enough to add a wallet and keys, too.

Boxy Bags and Zip Pouches

I am continuing to use up the scraps of hand-dyed fabric by making boxy bags.

You can find the tutorial for the boxy bags in my previous post.

Boxy Bags and Zip Pouches

I have made a couple more bags that are not pictured here.

I have also made zip pouches, one for each bag.  I found a basic tutorial over at Elm Street Quilts.

Boxy Bags and Zip Pouches

I plan on keeping a couple of bags for personal use (I’ve got a trip to Hawaii coming soon!).

The rest of the bags will be Christmas gifts.

Boxy Bags and Zip Pouches

I am going to fill them with goodies for the grandkids…the bags are the Christmas wrap!  It is going to be fun finding items to fill the bags!

Boxy Bags and Zip Pouches

I still have a lot of squares left.  I have thought to make pot holders (I do need some), pincushions, and other small items.

Frankly, I’m tired of these squares!  Ha, ha!  So I am giving them to some creative young ladies.

And I feel great…I am actually thinking ahead for Christmas!  No stress!

Boxy Bags

I was blessed with a glorious three days off!  What to do, what to do?  It isn’t that I don’t have anything to do, it is that I am behind on anything and everything.  Three days is precious…I don’t want to waste it.

So I began cleaning/reorganizing my sewing studio.  I say began, because…well…it quickly became overwhelming.  So instead, I cleaned just enough to work on a project.  Ha, ha!

I found a small tote full of 6″ squares of hand dyed fabric.  This stuff is old and I want to use it up and empty the tote!  Therefore, I cut the 6″ squares into 3″ squares and really filled up that tote.  Sheesh!

Hand Dyed Scraps

I’ve been wanting to make boxy bags for quite a while.  An upcoming trip to Hawaii (2 more months and I’m there!) is just the push that I needed.

Boxy Bags

Pink Stitches has a great tutorial for these boxy pouch bags and it is easy to change the size if one wants to (which I did).

Boxy Bags

I’ll be making more of these.  They will make nice gifts.

Boxy Bags

And I’ve barely made a dent in that tote of hand dyed squares!

TV Tray Makeover

Ever since I saw a few of these tv tray makeovers on Pinterest, I have wanted to make one for myself.  So this week, I took the time (which wasn’t much time at all)!

A portable ironing table is mighty handy to take to quilting classes.

Portable Ironing Table

It is also handy to have next to the sewing machine if your normal ironing surface is across the room and too big to move.  Or maybe handy to use while watching tv in another room.  Or maybe handy to take along on a road trip.

Portable Ironing Table

This is a simple little makeover to do.  There are other tutorials (search google and Pinterest) but Elizabeth Hartman, over at Oh, Fransson! did a nice job of explaining how-to back in 2010.