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Scrap Bags

Organizing my scraps by storing them in color coded fabric baskets has been on my To-Do List for quite some time.

I wanted quick and easy baskets to make.  No handles, zippers, cardboard or plastic inserts, magnets or Velcro.

Scrap Bags

Pam, over at Threading My Way, posted a fabric basket tutorial that fit my need.  I changed the size of the bag (mine is larger), and I used Timtex, since I already had that on hand, and wanted to use it up.

Scrap Bags

Now that the scraps are no longer “out of sight; out of mind”, I hope to use them more in projects.  It will certainly be a lot easier to find them!

Scrap Bags

And I like the way the bags look on my shelf, too!

Crayon Floral Wall Hanging

My six year old granddaughter and I decided we had time for one more project before her visit with me ended.

So we drew a project in Electric Quilt, and printed out templates.

Alyssa used Crayola crayons to color her fabric butterfly and flower.  Then she cut out and fused the parts to a simple background that we had sewed together(Grandma applied fusible web to the fabric before Alyssa cut into the fabric) .

Alyssa's Wall Hanging

We had a very enjoyable afternoon crafting together.

Alyssa's Wall Hanging

For the curious, G Mom represents Grandma.  I don’t think Alyssa could figure out how to spell Grandma.

And I see an ‘oopsie’ that we need to fix.  We forgot the butterfly antennae!  We shall get that done before she goes back home!

*Update: Featured in Electric Quilt User Spotlight.

Fabric Postcard

I have a special friend whose birthday is in December. 

So I made a fabric birthday card to send to her.


Notice I stayed away from a Christmas theme even though she is a December baby.  Her birthday is her own day, not to be celebrated with Christmas.


I covered up her name and address with my pincushion.  Mustn’t spoil the surprise.

There are lots of fabric postcard tutorials online.  Although I’ve made lots of these easy postcards, I googled just to see what comes up.  Here’s a couple to get you started.

The Spruce

Me and My Girl – Potholders

I’ve had the pleasure of having my four year old granddaughter visit for a few days.  In fact, the pass has been closed periodically with avalanches, so it may take her parents a little longer to come get her.  Add to that, heavy rain here, so going out is not an option.  So what shall we do?

Alyssa and I have come up with a fun project.  In these two photos, she is busy using various objects to trace different size circles onto paper-backed fusible web.

Alyssa really enjoys peeling the paper from the fusible.

And here she is, choosing threads to applique her project with.

Now you and I could finish this project in an afternoon, but a four year old needs a little more time.  There are other things that are calling out to her…like playing ball with the dog.

So we’ll finish this later. 

Finger Pincushions

Head on over to Linda Franz’s Inklingo Blog for a treat!

Linda and Monkey have a fabulous 70 second tutorial on how to make these fun and utilitarian finger pincushions.  That’s right…70 seconds is all it takes to learn how to make these.

Use ’em for yourself and make extra for gifts for all your sewing/quilty friends!