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Decorative Felt Easter Egg Tutorial

I love it when I come across a quick and easy craft that I already have all of the goodies to make it with!  Thanks to Joggles, here is such a one!

The simple template.  I traced mine onto xray film that a friend had given to me.

Felt cut out and ready to sew.

Eggs sewn, seams trimmed and eggs turned.

Stuffed little “footballs”. 

Decorating with scrap bits of lace and ribbon.

All prettied up! 

And just in time too, since I’ve not put out any Easter decorations whatsoever.   (I found a video tutorial from Joggles.)

I’ll be playing with very important people all next week.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful visit from my son and his family!

Happy Easter!

Baby Quilt and Japanese Gift Bags

My sewing machine is home from the hospital (Yes) and we’ve (my Bernina and me of course) finished the doll quilt:

And the baby quilt is done too:

Now to move on to other projects.

I came upon a tutorial and decided the Little Japanese Bag project was perfect for small Christmas gifts.  Here’s how they look finished: 

Don’t they look sweet?  They are even sweeter filled with foil wrapped chocolate treats!

I used my handy dandy trusty tri-tool ruler to cut pairs of triangles.  Next time, I won’t be so lazy…I’ll make a large triangle template.  This size is cute, but it is small (which is a fine size for an ornament, party favor, or just that “little something extra”).

Cut pairs of triangles (right sides together):

Pairs are sewn, turned and pressed:

Petal points turned and pinned:

Closer look:

Sewn petals:

Closer look:

One seam sewn (the left is the petal seam…the bottom is the side seam…stop at the petal seam):

All side seams sewn:

Turned…they are lookin’ like bags now:

Isn’t this just the cutest little mini pouch?

See?  I told you these are small!  And so cute!

These would look terrific in any fabric…think Halloween or a birthday or any other occasion.

You can find the link for the tutorial on the Tutorial Tab of this blog.  Thank you to Hannelore Nunn for sharing !