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One Little Word Vision Boards

Back in January,  I wrote about joining Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class.

I chose Joy for my word of the year.

One Little Word Vision Boards

February’s assignment was to create a vision board.  Yes folks, I completed February’s assignment in April, and am just now posting about it.

Better late than never!

One Little Word Vision Boards

This does not mean that I haven’t been learning about my chosen word, or applying what I have been learning to my life.

I’m just slow getting assignments done.  That’s all.

One Little Word Vision Boards

The assignment was to create one board, but I was having so much fun, I created two!  It has been a long, long time since I played with paper and glue.  I had forgotten how enjoyable it is.

I found the time that I spent cutting pictures and words from magazines, then gluing into a collage, creative and relaxing.

One Little Word Vision Boards

There is the emotional and spiritual aspects of such an assignment, and I take those seriously, but for the moment:

It is good just to be a kid again!