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Patriotic Table Topper

One of my Focus goals this year was to make table runners. I have made one. Maybe I can get two made before the end of the year!

With that goal in mind, I have chosen a patriotic pattern by Bonnie Hunter, called the Courthouse Square. She also has a similar pattern called Irish Courthouse that you might be interested in. I like both of them!

I ‘shopped’ my own stash, and cut out all of the parts. Then I layered nine blocks so that I could piece them all together rather than piecing one block at a time.

Courthouse Table Topper
Courthouse Table Topper

I pieced the blocks from the center to the outside.

Courthouse Table Topper
Courthouse Table Topper

A close up look at one of the completed blocks:

Courthouse Table Topper

All nine completed blocks:

Courthouse Table Topper

And that is where they sit (or hang, actually…on the design wall); waiting for me to decide if I want to set them the same as in the pattern, or do something else. I need to decide the size that I want.

Quilt On!

How I Spent My Saturday Afternoon

I had a very pleasant Saturday afternoon off from the day job, so I spent the time doing some prep work for sewing.

Bonnie Hunter had a leader/ender bow tie challenge back in 2011.  I decided to make this quilt back in 2018 (you can see that post here, and you will find a link to BH).  No hurry.  Nope.  None at all.

I’ve been out of cut squares to make more bow tie blocks, so I cut a few more.  I don’t have a picture of those, but I do have a picture of the finished blocks. 

There are more than 578 little bow ties in this basket!

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

Remember the Lets Sew Quilt Along

I have finally pin basted it!

Lets Sew Quilt Along

Lets Sew Quilt Along

While I had the pins and table set up, I pin basted Floral Reflections, too.

Floral Reflections

The inspector got involved…she had to check out the safety aspect!

Floral Reflections

I will be working on ESS (Every Stinking Seam…Cindy Needham’s version of SITD…Stitch in the Ditch).  This will take a while!

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Quilt on!

August OMG 2018 Update

I kept my August sewing goals simple because I wasn’t sure how much I could accomplish between the day job and summer days outdoors.

It turns out that I couldn’t spend time outdoors because the air quality is hazardous with wildfire smoke.  I may have lost the summer, but I did gain time in the sewing studio.

I completed my three blocks for the RSC18 Squared Away Sampler, and you can find that post (and information about the sampler) by clicking here.

RSC18 August

I stated that I wanted to complete six more pages of my President’s book.

I am very happy to announce that I finished nine pages!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see more pages and read about my project by clicking here.

And I completed my bonus goal!  I really wanted to finish the On Ringo Lake (ORL) Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, and I did!

On Ringo Lake

On Ringo Lake

I have already gifted this quilt to a special young fellow who has had a rough time of it.  

On Ringo Lake

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal (OMG).  Head on over to see what everyone else has done with their August goals and get inspired!

On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt Progress

I think my last On Ringo Lake mystery quilt update was back in February 2018.

For me…I am speeding along.  Ha, ha!

I am happy to report that I have finished quilting the top!

On Ringo Lake

I used a pantograph for the very first time.

On Ringo Lake

I learned a thing or two, including that it is important to load the quilt on the frame properly (oops).

The quilting isn’t fancy, or perfect.  

On Ringo Lake

But it is finished, and I am excited about that!

Next up will be to square the quilt and apply binding.  Then this quilt really will be finished.

In record time…for me!

Bow Tie Leader/Ender

Bonnie Hunter introduced the term Leader/Ender many years ago.  It is a method of continuous piecing and she describes it well in her blog post here.

Each July, Bonnie announces a new Leader/Ender challenge, so she will be making that announcement very soon.

However, there is a challenge that she announced wayyyy back in 2011…the Bow Tie Leader/Ender.  This one has been on my ‘someday’ list since Bonnie announced it.

You know what?  ‘Someday’ never comes!  So I am making this one happen.

Except for the cheddar, I am cutting parts from scraps.  The cheddar is yardage that I just had to have.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

No stress, no deadline…just for fun.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

I like it.