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Alpine Cross Quilt Block Part 1

Using Electric Quilt , I am playing with the Alpine Cross quilt block this week.

Alpine Cross Quilt Block

It is drawn with a 5 x 5 grid.

For the practice, I prefer to draw it myself, but if you have BlockBase, then search for #1876a.

Here is what Alpine Cross looks like in a straight set:

Alpine Cross Straight Set

I thought I added a great border.  Now I think it is too distracting.  I’d change that if I were going to make this quilt design.  LOL!

Next, I added sashing and cornerstones.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 2

I like it much better.

What if I move the color around?

Alpine Cross Straight Set 3

Alpine Cross Straight Set 4

Take the time to play with color and value placement.  I should’ve changed the color of those cornerstones.  Sometimes moving color and value around makes all the difference between an okay design, a good design, and a great design.  And more often, it is simply a matter of personal taste.

You can change the color scheme altogether too.  I tried to choose a woodsy, masculine theme for this exercise.  The pink is really needed to create the contrast (although a very light beige or white would’ve worked very well).  Keep contrast in mind when you are choosing color and value.

I also kept the fabric choices to a minimum, just for simplicity’s sake.  One could certainly get very scrappy if one wanted to.

I deleted some lines in the Alpine Cross block, to come up with an alternate block.  It simplified the design and I like it.  Some of the blocks are rotated too.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 5

Again, I altered the Alpine Cross to create another alternate block.  Now I have more to play with, and the designs are getting interesting.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 6

What do you think?

Plaid Quilt Block

Plaid, a block found in the perpetual calendar, 365 Quilt Blocks a Year by Nancy Martin, is drafted from a 5 x 5 grid.

Plaid Quilt Block

It can also be found as #1827 in BlockBase.

Plaid looks like this when set side-by-side (a straight set):

Plaid Straight Set

I like it better with sashing and cornerstones.  Some of the blocks have been rotated:

Plaid Straight Set 2

Small changes in color placement:

Plaid Quilt Block 2

And the Plaid quilt block placed on point:

Plaid On Point Set

Sashing and cornerstones added:

Plaid On Point Set 2

Another color shift on the Plaid block in the center of the quilt, plus the addition of an alternate block and a plain block:

Plaid On Point Set 3

If I were to make the above quilt, I might redraw the alternate crossing block so that the seams match the Plaid block.

I thought I was gonna be bored with this block.  Turns out that I was wrong!  There are more Plaid designs to play with in my Electric Quilt file.

Love In A Tangle Quilt Block

This week, we are exploring basic quilt design with the Love in a Tangle quilt block.

Love in a Tangle Quilt Block

This block can be drawn with a 9 x 9 Grid.

If you have BlockBase, it is number 2066.

Let’s see what the block looks like when set side by side in a straight set with borders:

Love in a Tangle Straight Set

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Let’s add another design element by adding sashing:

Love in a Tangle Straight Set 2

Love in a Tangle has alot going for it.  The framed center block is an area to showcase a focus fabric, favorite photos, or quilting designs.  The sawtooth piecing (triangles) that surrounds the framed blocks provide ‘excitement/movement’. 

The block can be colored in any number of ways.  I chose to color it in such a way that the blocks will connect.  The sashing emphasizes the connection and adds a dimension of depth to the quilt design.

Love in a Tangle Straight Set 3

I like the quilt without an alternate block.  However, just for fun, I added a nine-patch to the framed blocks.

The next design shows the Love in a Tangle quilt block on point.  Often, blocks will become much more interesting when set this way.  At the least, you can get a different perspective.

Love in a Tangle On Point Set

With the sashing and a few alternate blocks, I think the design becomes more interesting:

Love in a Tangle On Point Set 2

Lots more alternate blocks added:

Love in a Tangle On Point Set 3

Lighthouse Quilt Block

Let’s explore some basic design with the Lighthouse quilt block.

Lighthouse Quilt Block

If you have BlockBase, it is number 2851.

The Lighthouse quilt block can be drawn with 5 x 5 or 10 x 10 grid.

Here is what the block looks like when set side by side in a straight set with borders:

Lighthouse Straight Set

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Delete a few lines from the original Lighthouse quilt block to come up with some alternate variations to play with.

Lighthouse Variation Quilt Block

And change the value placement as well.

Lighthouse Variation 2 Quilt Block

A design with all three blocks included:

Lighthouse Straight Set (4)

A design with a crossing alternate block (called Devil’s Puzzle):

Lighthouse Straight Set (2)

Maybe you would prefer the Wild Goose Chase block instead:

Lighthouse Straight Set (3)

Sometimes we want strong lines; lines to draw the eye side to side, or diagonally, across the quilt.  How strong the lines are depends upon the type of crossing blocks we choose.

The next design shows the Lighthouse quilt block on point.  It is easy to see the blocks because of the sashing (another way to include strong lines in the design).

Lighthouse On Point Set

Space can be created by adding a plain block to the design.  Spaces are places for the eye to rest, and to show off great quilting.

Lighthouse On Point Set (2)

The previous quilt design, and the following design, use the same blocks.  Except for the center block (and a couple of other blocks), they are merely reversed.  Fun to see the difference!

Lighthouse On Point Set (4)

And another example of strong lines, but placed on point:

Lighthouse On Point Set (3)

Leavenworth Nine Patch Quilt Block – Part 2

Last week, I showed the Leavenworth Nine Patch quilt block in a straight set.

Leavenworth Nine Patch

Nancy Martin’s Version

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB

BlockBase 2280c

This week, we’ll look at a few on point set designs.

*Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

The following shows the Nancy Martin version set on point.

Leavenworth Nine Patch NM On Point

To make it more interesting, we can rotate some of the blocks.

Leavenworth Nine Patch NM On Point Rotated

Or we can add sashing and cornerstones.  We could rotate and add sashing (which is probably more interesting), but this design just adds sashing and cornerstones.

Leavenworth Nine Patch NM On Point with Sashing

Next is the BlockBase version of the Leavenworth Nine Patch block (no sashing; just the block).

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB On Point

The only difference between the above design and the following design is the substitution of a plain block.  Amazing!  

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB On Point 2

Let’s add an alternate block and see what we get.

Leavenworth Nine Patch Alternate

I’m suddenly thinking about argyle socks!

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB On Point with Alternate Block

Not a fan of red, black and white?  That’s okay.  You can use any colors you want.  In fact, just reversing two of these colors will create a dramatic difference.

Leavenworth Nine Patch BB On Point with Alternate Block 2

I like this one the best!  What about you?