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Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

The Magnolia Bud quilt block is a sweet spring block.

Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

I drew it in Electric Quilt with a 4 x 4 grid.  If you have BlockBase, it is #2208.

Set side-by-side in a straight set, it looks like this:

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

Soft and sweet.  Except that my eye is focused on that green, and if I were to make this, I’d try a softer green.

Let’s see how the design looks if some of the blocks are rotated:

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

I like that better (and I would still change the green to a more muted green).

What if bolder color is added?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What if two of the greens, and two of the pinks were reversed?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What do the Magnolia Bud blocks look like when separated by sashing and cornerstones?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What if the center square of the quilt block was replaced with a four patch, and alternated with the original block?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

Keep playing the ‘What If’ game!  You’ll come up with a winner that you will enjoy creating!  There is no right or wrong…create what makes you happy!

Barrister’s Block Part 2

Last week, I introduced the Barrister’s Block in straight settings.

Barrister's Block

This week, let’s look at the Barrister’s Block on point.

Barrister's Block On Point

I tried to create more interest by simply rotating the blocks:

Barrister's Block On Point

I do like it better. What do you think?

I found another version of the Barrister’s Block in BlockBase.  It is #1364. 

So I tried it, along with a plain block, in the last on point setting.

Barrister's Block On Point

I like the lacy look of it.  This design could be very elegant with some beautiful quilting in the negative areas.

Barrister’s Block

Let’s take a look at the Barrister’s Block.

Barrister's Block

I drew the block from an 8 x 8 grid using Electric Quilt.  If you have BlockBase, it is number 1363.

Here is how it looks set side-by-side in a straight set:

Barrister's Block Straight Set

 There is a lot of movement created by this block.  It can be calmed down by simply moving the color around.

Barrister's Block Straight Set

In the next design, every other block has been rotated.  And I’ve altered the Barrister’s Block just a little bit.

Barrister's Block Straight Set

Again…the same setting, but the color has been moved around.  That change shifted the emphasis from the smaller triangles to the large half square triangles.  It looks boxy.

Barrister's Block Straight Set

Click here for a peek at a scrappy antique Barrister’s Block quilt.  The background is grey…a popular color with modern quilters.


If you haven’t met the quilt block called Balance, then let me introduce you.

Balance Quilt Block

I found this block in Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year.

I drew it with a 5 x 5 grid in Electric Quilt 7.  If you own BlockBase, it is #1817c.

It isn’t often that one sees a green and white quilt (I don’t think I’ve ever seen one…I may have to google that later), but it is March, and I’m longing for spring, so I’ve set this block with green and white. 

Here is how it looks in a straight set:

Balance Straight Set

In the following design, I’ve deleted a few lines from the block to create an alternate crossing block to set Balance with.  I’ve also added another green to the mix.

Balance Straight Set

I squared up the quilt design (it isn’t longer than it is wide now) and rearranged the blocks:

Balance Straight Set

Again, Balance is set side-by-side.  The only difference is in the color placement.  Stars have appeared!

Balance Straight Set

An alternate color theme:

Balance Straight Set

By deleting just a few lines, I’ve created another alternate block to add to the mix:

Balance Straight Set

And one more arrangement:

Balance Straight Set

Lots more could be done with this block, so go ahead and play with it!  See what you come up with!

By the way, this block looks amazingly like Bachelor’s Puzzle.

Alpine Cross Quilt Block Part 1

Using Electric Quilt , I am playing with the Alpine Cross quilt block this week.

Alpine Cross Quilt Block

It is drawn with a 5 x 5 grid.

For the practice, I prefer to draw it myself, but if you have BlockBase, then search for #1876a.

Here is what Alpine Cross looks like in a straight set:

Alpine Cross Straight Set

I thought I added a great border.  Now I think it is too distracting.  I’d change that if I were going to make this quilt design.  LOL!

Next, I added sashing and cornerstones.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 2

I like it much better.

What if I move the color around?

Alpine Cross Straight Set 3

Alpine Cross Straight Set 4

Take the time to play with color and value placement.  I should’ve changed the color of those cornerstones.  Sometimes moving color and value around makes all the difference between an okay design, a good design, and a great design.  And more often, it is simply a matter of personal taste.

You can change the color scheme altogether too.  I tried to choose a woodsy, masculine theme for this exercise.  The pink is really needed to create the contrast (although a very light beige or white would’ve worked very well).  Keep contrast in mind when you are choosing color and value.

I also kept the fabric choices to a minimum, just for simplicity’s sake.  One could certainly get very scrappy if one wanted to.

I deleted some lines in the Alpine Cross block, to come up with an alternate block.  It simplified the design and I like it.  Some of the blocks are rotated too.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 5

Again, I altered the Alpine Cross to create another alternate block.  Now I have more to play with, and the designs are getting interesting.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 6

What do you think?

Plaid Quilt Block

Plaid, a block found in the perpetual calendar, 365 Quilt Blocks a Year by Nancy Martin, is drafted from a 5 x 5 grid.

Plaid Quilt Block

It can also be found as #1827 in BlockBase.

Plaid looks like this when set side-by-side (a straight set):

Plaid Straight Set

I like it better with sashing and cornerstones.  Some of the blocks have been rotated:

Plaid Straight Set 2

Small changes in color placement:

Plaid Quilt Block 2

And the Plaid quilt block placed on point:

Plaid On Point Set

Sashing and cornerstones added:

Plaid On Point Set 2

Another color shift on the Plaid block in the center of the quilt, plus the addition of an alternate block and a plain block:

Plaid On Point Set 3

If I were to make the above quilt, I might redraw the alternate crossing block so that the seams match the Plaid block.

I thought I was gonna be bored with this block.  Turns out that I was wrong!  There are more Plaid designs to play with in my Electric Quilt file.

Love In A Tangle Quilt Block

This week, we are exploring basic quilt design with the Love in a Tangle quilt block.

Love in a Tangle Quilt Block

This block can be drawn with a 9 x 9 Grid.

If you have BlockBase, it is number 2066.

Let’s see what the block looks like when set side by side in a straight set with borders:

Love in a Tangle Straight Set

Clicking on any of the photos will show a larger view.

Let’s add another design element by adding sashing:

Love in a Tangle Straight Set 2

Love in a Tangle has alot going for it.  The framed center block is an area to showcase a focus fabric, favorite photos, or quilting designs.  The sawtooth piecing (triangles) that surrounds the framed blocks provide ‘excitement/movement’. 

The block can be colored in any number of ways.  I chose to color it in such a way that the blocks will connect.  The sashing emphasizes the connection and adds a dimension of depth to the quilt design.

Love in a Tangle Straight Set 3

I like the quilt without an alternate block.  However, just for fun, I added a nine-patch to the framed blocks.

The next design shows the Love in a Tangle quilt block on point.  Often, blocks will become much more interesting when set this way.  At the least, you can get a different perspective.

Love in a Tangle On Point Set

With the sashing and a few alternate blocks, I think the design becomes more interesting:

Love in a Tangle On Point Set 2

Lots more alternate blocks added:

Love in a Tangle On Point Set 3