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If you haven’t met the quilt block called Balance, then let me introduce you.

Balance Quilt Block

I found this block in Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year.

I drew it with a 5 x 5 grid in Electric Quilt .  If you own BlockBase, it is #1817c.

It isn’t often that one sees a green and white quilt (I don’t think I’ve ever seen one…I may have to google that later), but it is March, and I’m longing for spring, so I’ve set this block with green and white. 

Here is how it looks in a straight set:

Balance Straight Set

In the following design, I’ve deleted a few lines from the block to create an alternate crossing block to set Balance with.  I’ve also added another green to the mix.

Balance Straight Set

I squared up the quilt design (it isn’t longer than it is wide now) and rearranged the blocks:

Balance Straight Set

Again, Balance is set side-by-side.  The only difference is in the color placement.  Stars have appeared!

Balance Straight Set

An alternate color theme:

Balance Straight Set

By deleting just a few lines, I’ve created another alternate block to add to the mix:

Balance Straight Set

And one more arrangement:

Balance Straight Set

Lots more could be done with this block, so go ahead and play with it!  See what you come up with!

By the way, this block looks amazingly like Bachelor’s Puzzle.

Bachelor’s Puzzle Quilt Block

There are other versions of the Bachelor’s Puzzle Quilt Block, but this is the one included in Nancy Martin’s 365  Quilt Blocks A Year Perpetual Calendar.

If you have Block Base, the block is listed as number 1815b.

It is drawn with a 5 x 5 grid.

Here the blocks are in a straight set (set squarely side-by-side):

Bachelor's Puzzle Straight Set

And here the blocks are set on point:

Bachelor's Puzzle On Point Set

Set on point with a plain block:

Bachelor's Puzzle On Point Set 2

Very often, I prefer an on point set to a straight set.