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Yoda Finish

It has been a very hot, dry and windy summer…ripe for wildfires…and indeed, we have them raging in my home state of Washington, as well as Oregon and California.  So when I am home from the day job, I am attempting to keep some green space around my home.

I have great water, but it comes from a gravity fed spring, so I am limited to how long, and how much, I can water the gardens at any one time.  I am losing the battle for the green space.  Fortunately, there are no wildfires close by. 

I am blessed.

We did get a brief respite from a cool down and storm.  Unfortunately, this storm was particularly vicious.  There are downed trees everywhere, and it left thousands of people without power, water, and, in many cases, without a place to live since the trees smashed their homes.  My father is one of those without power and water, but he is coping well.

Again, I am blessed.

What angers me is that these people who have lost so much because of natural disasters are now being preyed upon by looters.  I look forward to the Lord’s justice in dealing with these heartless and selfish crooks!

I bet you don’t remember this:

I made a stencil of words and painted it:

Seemed fitting for kittens:

Then the little project sat. 

And sat.

I have finally sandwiched it and finished it.

I was going to use free motion quilting and outline the kittens’ bodies…sort of a ghost effect.  Once I sandwiched it, and quilted it, however, I didn’t like it.

My next thought was to paint the bodies.  I should’ve stopped thinking and followed through on that idea.

Instead, I decided to thread paint the bodies.  Now I know about stabilizers (I’ve thread painted before), but this was already sandwiched and quilted.  And, yes, I know that I still could have used a water-soluble stabilizer.  If I had any.  I didn’t.  And if I wanted to wait to finish.  I didn’t.

Ha!  My little quilt (about 8″ x 11″) shrunk up like a roasted marshmallow!  I had to steam the snot out of it to get it to lie flat again!


I’m done.  Maybe a granddaughter will want this one.  Or I will be an anonymous giver to a quilting buddy.  Heh, heh!

On to the next UFO.


I thought a simple little UFO would be appropriate for my next project.

Many moons ago, I took photos of a sweet little kitten named Yoda. 

I played with effects on one of those photos in photoshop and created a design to print on fabric.


I don’t know how long ago I did this…long enough that when I touched the gold yarn, it disintegrated (Perhaps bad quality?).   I didn’t save the file on my pc (Neglect or a computer crash?) so I have no reference and no way to print more of this fabric.

By the time you read this post, I will have free motion stitched the fused applique.  I’m not sure what else I’ll do yet.

I have more long days coming with the day job, so I don’t know when I’ll be back. 

Meantime, ya’ll have some fun creating, whether you love to create in the kitchen, the woodshop, with Legos, knitting, scrapbooking, or….  Just find the time for the precious creative muse!

Perhaps Moses…Finished

What began as a class lesson on perspective has finished as Moses and Pharaoh’s Daughter.  Most of us are familiar with the biblical story of Moses’ birth from Exodus Chapter 2: 1-10.

Had I known that the background was to become the setting for Moses, I would’ve chosen shades and tints of alabaster to create it (seems more Egyptian to me).  But I had no end result in mind, and the background sat around for longer than I care to admit.

No matter that the details are not accurate.  I’m an artist, right?  I can take certain liberties.  What’s important is that when one looks at this quilt, one can see the story.

So here it is:

Moses and Pharaoh's Daughter

A few close-ups:

Moses and Pharaoh's Daughter

Moses and Pharaoh's Daughter

Moses and Pharaoh's Daughter

Moses and Pharaoh's Daughter

Moses and Pharaoh's Daughter

Before and after:

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Perhaps Moses – Part 5

It has been a long time since I worked on this wall hanging.   Some of you will recognize this.  Some of you probably thought that I ditched the thing!


It depicts Pharoah’s daughter and baby Moses, inspired by the Biblical account in Exodus Chapter 2.

I am thread painting the applique.  In other words, I’ve lowered the feed dogs on my sewing machine and I am adding detail with thread.



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Painted Pictorial Quilts Part 2

Remember this post?

This snail has finally painted her second class project.

The project is a desert scene by Annette Kennedy.  All the fabrics are hand-dyed by your’s truly with the exception of the road and red mountain commercial fabrics.

Desert Scene Before Painting

What a difference a little paint makes!

Desert Scene After Painting

Painted Pictorial Quilts

For the first time, and over a year ago, I signed up for a class at Craftsy

I thought I would begin the class when I had the time.

Silly me.  I am old enough to know that there is never any time, but the now.  Right now.

So I have begun, and I am enjoying the class very much.  Thank goodness Craftsy classes do not expire!  This is turning out to be a very good experience!

The class, Painted Pictorial Quilts, is taught by Annette Kennedy.  Annette is a photographer, pattern maker, fiber artist, painter, traveler and teacher.

This is the calla lily sampler that I am learning to paint with.  I am using Pebeo Setacolor transparent paints.  The background and lily fabrics are my own hand-dyed fabrics.  The stem and leaf fabrics are commercial batiks.


This is the sample after I have painted it.


I must say, I am pretty pleased with myself!

Perhaps Moses – Part 4

More applique added to the scene:


Nothing is fused or sewn down yet, but the figures are basically where I want them to be.  I’m not sure if I’m going to stop adding applique or not.  I’d like to keep the focus on Pharaoh’s daughter and not distract from her.


I decided to try a little painting with Shiva paintstiks.  I need a lot of practice, but these are fun to play with!



There will be thread painting, but I need to do some shopping first.  I’ll have to go to the big city, a two hour drive away, to find what I’m looking for.  That’s going to be a couple of weeks…snowstorms and jobs trump studio time.

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