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Garden Baskets Update 4

I’ve not been sewing very much. Betty Boop (otherwise known as my Janome sewing machine) is in the hospital and awaiting ordered parts. I hope to have her home soon, but there is no telling when. So, during this drought/heat season, I have been spending a whole lot of time with Ancestry and having fun pursuing family history.

Nevertheless, some hand work is happening.

To remind you of the Garden Baskets project, here is the flimsy that I am working on:

Garden Baskets

I have the borders and the vine stitched on. I am currently working on the hundreds of buds and a few other appliques.

Garden Baskets

I’ve drawn all of the parts onto freezer paper, ironed the freezer paper to the fabric, and cut out all of the shapes.

Garden Baskets

I am using the ‘freezer paper on top’ method. Why?

I don’t know…I just decided to do it that way. I have stitched as many of the shapes together as I can. In other words, stems and beaks and other parts are fitted together to make the whole before I stitch them to the quilt top.

Garden Baskets

The pieced kitty is pinned and ready to be stitched to the background.

Garden Baskets
Garden Baskets

The washout blue marker is my guideline for some embroidery to be applied.

One applique stitched down. Hundreds to go.

I know there are many…what is your favorite way to applique?

Garden Baskets

Garden Baskets Update and a Gif

Garden Baskets Update

Garden Baskets Update 3

Quilt On!

Bow Ties, Farm Girl Finish and Birdhouse Updates


Bow Tie Leader/Enders

If I counted correctly (and that is questionable), then I should have 768 bow tie blocks in this basket.

That is enough to sew these into bigger blocks for a layout.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders
Bow Tie Leader/Enders

Bow Tie Leader/Ender

Hubby made a frame for the Farm Girl stitchery, so she is completely finished and ready for gifting!

Farm Girl

I love how she turned out!

Farm Girl Post 1

Farm Girl Post 2

Farm Girl Post 3

Farm Girl Post 4

The birdhouse project (I really should name this thing) has gone from the designing stage to the fused applique stage.

Birdhouse Wall Hanging

I really like it now…definitely enough to finish it!

Birdhouse UFO

This is my first post using the ‘new’ WordPress editor. I am a bit lost, but I am figuring it out. Except that I cannot seem to make photos clickable anymore. Hmmmmm?

*I have figured out how to make my photos clickable!  At least for now!

Quilt On!

Birdhouse UFO

In 2017, I decided to make this UFO a goal…I was going to finish it!

Birdhouse Wall Hanging

Here is what I said:

One Monthly Goal – 2017 

Ahem.  It is a bird house.  Started and abandoned quickly.  One of those “quilt guild inspired because everyone is making one” projects.  My excitement didn’t last long.  This oldie needs to be done!

Well.  We can all see how far I got with that goal.  Still uninspired.

This little project has been hanging around since 1995.  I found the quilt guild newsletter with the birdhouse pattern in it.  Just the birdhouse and a little birdie pattern that I dislike; nothing else.

So I have made a simple mockup with my Electric Quilt program.

Birdhouse Wall Hanging

I have come up with this plan:

Birdhouse Wall Hanging

I think I like it enough to carry on!

Quilt On!

Judy’s Virtual Quilt Challenge 5

Back in March, Judy, the Virtual Quilter, posted Virtual Quilt Challenge #5.

We were to select a block from the EQ Library and play with it.  We are learning to create applique designs!

Judy gave more examples here and here.

I wish I had more time, because this is a really fun challenge!  As I play, more ideas keep coming, but this will have to do for now.

I chose to work with the block that is in the upper left square.

Judy's Challenge 5

I am saving this file so that I can come back and play!

To see my play results from the other challenges, click on the following links:

Challenge 1
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
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August OMG 2017 Goal

Patchwork Times announced the number 8 as the UFO goal for August.

My number 8 is these floral blocks:

One Monthly Goal - Floral Blocks

I stitched these 3 blocks many moons ago when I was teaching a machine applique class.

What to do…pillows…, a table runner…, a wall hanging…, tote bags? 


I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal (OMG).