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Anvil Quilt Block Part 3

A recent comment on an older blog post showing the Anvil Quilt Block inspired me to revisit the Electric Quilt project file.

Anvil Quilt Block


I tried one of my variation blocks in a straight set design.

Anvil Straight Set

What if I set plain blocks in the corners?

Anvil Straight Set

What if I moved the color around just a bit?

Anvil Straight Set

How about I try the block on point?

Anvil On Point Set

And move the color just a bit.

Anvil On Point Set

Of course, one could try lots more by switching up the color/value altogether.  That’s what makes design so much fun!

Anvil Quilt Block Part 1

Anvil Quilt Block Part 2

Anvil Quilt Block Part 2

Last week, I shared a few quilt designs using the Anvil quilt block in straight set designs.

Anvil Quilt Block

This week, I played with the Anvil quilt block on point.

Anvil On Point Set

It is a bit boring to me when placed side by side as in the above design.

How about adding one more color and rotating some of the blocks:

Anvil On Point Set 2

That’s better.

Moving color around reveals a couple of odd shaped stars.  Do you see them?

Anvil On Point Set 3

I love the arrows in the next design, but I’m not a big fan of those floating pink triangles around the outside edges.

Anvil On Point Set 4

Again, moving color around, rotating some blocks, and adding plain blocks to create a sense of space:

Anvil On Point Set 5

I like the stars in the center, and I like the way the design is framed.

I like it without the stars in the center too:

Anvil On Point Set 6

Last…but not least:

Anvil On Point Set 7

Amazing what one can do with one simple block.

Anvil Quilt Block

I’ve been playing with the Anvil Quilt Block.

Anvil Quilt Block

I drew it with a 4 x 4 grid.

If you have BlockBase, it is #2645, but it is not difficult to draw, and is good practice.

Here is what the Anvil quilt block looks like set side by side in a straight set:

Anvil Straight Set

Still side by side in a straight set, but the colors have been changed up.  Some of the blocks are rotated as well:

Anvil Straight Set 3

Still using only the Anvil block, the next design looks like arrows:

Anvil Straight Set 4

I like it!

Adding sashing strips does make the quilt larger (a popular technique), but I don’t find it very exciting:

Anvil Straight Set 2

I have added a plain block, and a variation drawn from the Anvil quilt block, to the next design.  I find this a lot more interesting:

Anvil Straight Set 5

Two more designs:

Anvil Straight Set 6

Anvil Straight Set 7

Which is your favorite?  Why?  Which is your least favorite?  Why?

We’ll see what playing with the Anvil quilt block on point turns up next week.