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Initial Pillow No. 6

I missed July’s pillow challenge over at QuiltShopGal’s blog.  Between working overtime, a vacation (a fabulous, and short, one week stay with my son and his family), and a horrendous fire season in my neck of the woods, I’m lucky that I managed to finish a pillow in August.

But finish I have!

The expert this month is the very talented teacher, and author, Angela Walters.  Definitely check out her blog, website and classes!

I designed this pillow using EQ7 software.  It will be a Christmas gift for a young grandson.

Initial B Pillow

Initial B Pillow

I’m using one of my favorite threads, Aurifil 50 weight, for my quilting.

I started my free motion quilting right off by sewing through my Supreme Slider.  Ha, ha!

Initial B Pillow

At least I caught the mistake early.  I know…I should have taped the slider down.  Never skip this step! 

I finished quilting without the thing.

Here’s a couple of close-ups (I need to work on getting even stitches):

Initial B Pillow

Initial B Pillow

And a lousy photo of the back (the tension is good, but the photographer really needs to bone up):

Initial B Pillow

A look at the back of the pillow with a covered zipper insert:

Initial B Pillow

One more look at the front (by the way, I have too small of a pillow form in there…it’ll look better with the right size):

Initial B Pillow

I have chosen to do Option 1 from the August challenge.  I participated in the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge and you can see my blog post using Angela Walter’s tile quilting here.

I am linking up to this year’s challenge here.

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Free Motion Quilt Challenge Summary

Thank you so much to SewCalGal and her talented and generous free motion quilting teachers!  I have enjoyed a year’s worth of practice and growth since joining the Free Motion Quilt Challenge.  Each month, in 2012, a new challenge was presented.

In summary:


FMQ January Spiral Leaves

Frances Moore  gave us a fun leaf design to practice free motion quilting.  She also gave us a video to view.  You can see this post here.


 First Feather Front

One of my favorite experts, Diane Gaudynski, taught feathers this month.  What a treat!  You can see this post here.


Flower Meandering

Ann Fahl,  suggested keeping a binder/journal of free motion quilting ideas.  She also suggested learning meandering patterns other than stippling.  You can see this post here.


Front Quilted

Don Linn created a video tutorial for April.  He showed a great transfer method for quilt designs!  He also described an easy way to come up with quilting designs.  You can see this post here.



This month’s free motion quilt expert was the generous Leah Day.  Leah gave two assignments…a Double Stipple and Railroad Tracks.  You can see this post here.



The June Free Motion Quilting Challenge was a tutorial by Cindy Needham.  Cindy gave us so much useful information and lots of practice!  I loved this month!  Cindy suggested the ‘divide and conquer’ method.  You can see this post here.



Angela Walters,  Quilting Is My Therapy, taught how to section off the work and then fill in the sections.  She calls this quilting design Tiles.  You can see this post here.



The August Free Motion Quilt Challenge was a tutorial from Wendy Sheppard.   You can find her blog at Ivory SpringWendy shared her “Jester” free motion quilting design for this challenge.  You can see this post here.



The September Free Motion Quilt Challenge was a tutorial Paula Reid.   Paula’s tutorial had us practice with a stencil.  You can see this post here.



Teri Lucas had us begin this month’s tutorial by drawing our names and designs on paper.  We branched out from there.  You can see this post here.


Trapunto added for Texture

Trapunto added for Texture

Sarah Vedeler had us practicing spiral variations; lots of fun!  You can see that post here.



Patsy Thompson shared border design and quilting tips.  She created a terrific video to demonstrate her tips.  I loved this month!  You can see that post here.

Linda Moran, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Diane Loomis and Teri Lucas all provided  bonus challenges.  I look forward to doing those after the holidays.  What a wonderful year of quilting!

Free Motion Quilt Challenge – July

The July Free Motion Quilt Challenge at SewCalGal is a tutorial from the very talented Angela Walters.   Angela is a professional quilter and successful long arm quilter, as well as teacher and author.  She loves modern quilts and quilting.  Check out her website, Quilting Is My Therapy, for her wonderful books, blogs and tips!

Angela taught how to section off the work and then fill in the sections.  She calls this quilting design Tiles.

Now, I can stipple, pebble and meander, but straight line quilting, without a guide, and swirls are the bane of my free motion existence.  Angela didn’t say I had to practice swirls, but I need to. 

So I drew my tiles and swirls on paper.  I did not take a photo.  You don’t want to see it.  Really, you don’t.  I don’t either.

My fabric sample isn’t much better, but I am starting to relax and feel more confident with the swirls.  Not so much straight lines.

I like the tiling, and its possibilities, so I will keep practicing, and one day, I just might be passably good at it.

Thank you Angela!