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Judy’s Virtual Challenge 2

I am late to the party, but better late than never.

I participated in the Virtual Quilts first challenge to use Electric Quilt 8 to play with a block. The result of that challenge is here.

Challenge #2  was to select one of my virtual designs and add  Christmas colors.

I chose the Alpine Cross from this blog post to play with.

* You can also find the Alpine Cross by clicking on the Quilt Blocks tab above my header.  There are more designs there for inspiration.

How I originally colored it:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 4

Now in Christmas colors:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 8

Thanks for the fun, Judy!

Alpine Cross Quilt Block Part 2

This is the Alpine Cross quilt block that I introduced last week:

Alpine Cross Quilt Block

Last week, I showed the block in straight settings.  This week, I am showing the block in on point settings.

Alpine Cross On Point Set

With sashing and cornerstones:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 2

Opening up the design a bit with an alternate block:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 3

And even more space (I should try this one in green, red and white):

Alpine Cross On Point Set 4

How about introducing another block into the design:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 5

Same blocks; just moving them around to see what happens:

Alpine Cross On Point Set 6

Alpine Cross On Point Set 7

Which one do you like?

Alpine Cross Quilt Block Part 1

Using Electric Quilt , I am playing with the Alpine Cross quilt block this week.

Alpine Cross Quilt Block

It is drawn with a 5 x 5 grid.

For the practice, I prefer to draw it myself, but if you have BlockBase, then search for #1876a.

Here is what Alpine Cross looks like in a straight set:

Alpine Cross Straight Set

I thought I added a great border.  Now I think it is too distracting.  I’d change that if I were going to make this quilt design.  LOL!

Next, I added sashing and cornerstones.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 2

I like it much better.

What if I move the color around?

Alpine Cross Straight Set 3

Alpine Cross Straight Set 4

Take the time to play with color and value placement.  I should’ve changed the color of those cornerstones.  Sometimes moving color and value around makes all the difference between an okay design, a good design, and a great design.  And more often, it is simply a matter of personal taste.

You can change the color scheme altogether too.  I tried to choose a woodsy, masculine theme for this exercise.  The pink is really needed to create the contrast (although a very light beige or white would’ve worked very well).  Keep contrast in mind when you are choosing color and value.

I also kept the fabric choices to a minimum, just for simplicity’s sake.  One could certainly get very scrappy if one wanted to.

I deleted some lines in the Alpine Cross block, to come up with an alternate block.  It simplified the design and I like it.  Some of the blocks are rotated too.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 5

Again, I altered the Alpine Cross to create another alternate block.  Now I have more to play with, and the designs are getting interesting.

Alpine Cross Straight Set 6

What do you think?