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Aircraft Quilt Block Part 2

Last week, I presented the Aircraft quilt block in several straight set designs.

Aircraft Quilt Block

This week, I am showing the block on point.

Aircraft On Point Set

On point with one alternate block:

Aircraft On Point Set 2

Two more designs, created with a couple of alternate blocks:

Aircraft On Point Set 3

Aircraft On Point Set 5

I haven’t played with moving the color around the block.  Moving color can produce dramatic changes.  That will be play for another day.

Aircraft Quilt Block

For practice this week, I chose the Aircraft quilt block. 

Aircraft Quilt Block

It can be drawn with a 2 x 2, or 4 x4 grid.

If you have BlockBase, it is #1319.  I like to draw the blocks that I practice with, since the point of practice is to learn to use Electric Quilt, and increase my quilt design skills.

Here is what the block looks like in a straight set:

Aircraft Straight Set

The Aircraft quilt block is a simple little block, so I thought I would need lots of alternate blocks to play with.

Not so (which is good, since I have a self-imposed challenge to work with one block).

Let’s play with rotation.

Aircraft Straight Set 2

Aircraft Straight Set 3

Aircraft Straight Set 5

Aircraft Straight Set 6

Not a single alternate block was used in any of the four previous designs, yet, there is plenty of movement going on!  Diagonals, zig-zags and bow-ties for the eye to see!

I added one simple alternate block in the following design:

Aircraft Straight Set 4

For the next two designs, I’ve added just one alternate block that was created by simply deleting a few lines from the Aircraft quilt block.

Aircraft Straight Set 7

Aircraft Straight Set 8

The open spaces calm the design down and let the eye rest.  They are good spaces for lovely quilting.

I have yet to try this block in an on point setting.  That will be next week’s practice.