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Sister’s Choice Quilt Block Part 2

Sister's Choice

In a previous post, I shared some quilt design options with the Sister’s Choice block, using straight set layouts.

I think it is fun to play with on point layouts as well.

You never know; you might prefer a design on point. 

So here is a layout with the Sister’s Choice block and sashing:

Sister's Choice On Point

The same layout, but a different colorway, and some plain blocks added:

Sister's Choice On Point 2

The next few layouts show the Sister’s Choice blocks where some have lines deleted, and some have lines added, to create alternate blocks to play with.

Sister's Choice On Point 3

Sister's Choice On Point 4

For the lover of quilting designs, it is always nice to have open, or negative, spaces to fill.

Sister's Choice On Point 5

For the fun of it, see what happens when you play with the background:

Sister's Choice On Point 6

Sister's Choice On Point 7

I am sure you can come up with many more ideas; especially when you also play with color/value and border combinations!


Sister’s Choice Quilt Block

Let’s explore the Sister’s Choice Quilt Block.

The block is a traditional favorite.

Sister's Choice

Sister’s Choice is drawn with a 5 x 5 grid.

Here the blocks are set in a straight set with sashing:

Sister's Choice Straight Set

I’ve moved the color a bit, and that puts more emphasis on the stars:

Sister's Choice Straight Set 2

Let’s look at some straight sets without the sashing.

Sister's Choice Straight Set 3

The next one not only has the sashing removed, but the alternate blocks have some additional lines drawn.  The result is a star within a star.

Sister's Choice Straight Set 4

More alternate block experimenting:

Sister's Choice Straight Set 5

Sister's Choice Straight Set 6

Delete quite a few lines in the alternate block, and it opens up the entire design…great for the quilting lovers! 

Sister's Choice Straight Set 7

Moving blocks around, as well as adding and deleting lines from the original block (Sister’s Choice in this blog post), creates interesting designs.

Sister's Choice Straight Set 8

Sister's Choice Straight Set 9

Sister's Choice Straight Set 10

Let’s not forget about color (most importantly…value).  Changing values creates completely different looks!

Sister's Choice Straight Set 11

When designing your next quilt, take time to experiment with the block’s grid (adding/deleting lines to create alternate blocks), as well as value placement.

You will come up with a winner (or several)!  And have fun doing it!

I use Electric Quilt 7 for quilt designing.  Block Base is another great tool.  Sister’s Choice is #J008 in Block Base.  A pad of graph paper and colored pencils work well too!

Country Roads Quilt Block Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I showed the Country Roads Quilt Block in straight set quilt designs.

Country Roads Quilt Block

Today, let’s look at the block set on point.

Here it is set side by side and on point:

Country Roads On Point Set

The next sets are also on point, but the Country Roads block has been set with simplified versions of it as well.

Country Roads On Point Set

Country Roads On Point Set

Country Roads On Point Set

I think my border choice needs work, but that is just personal preference (as are many, if not most, aspects of art).

Country Road Quilt Block

I played a little bit with the Country Road Quilt Block:

Country Roads Quilt Block

I drew the block with a 7 x 7 grid.

It is a terrific chain block!  Here is Country Roads set side by side in a straight set:

Country Roads Straight Set

Rather than look for alternate blocks to pair with it, I experimented with deleting some of the lines in the block to create an alternate block.

The following quilt designs are all created from the Country Roads block and simple variations of it.  All are straight sets.

Country Roads Straight Set

Country Roads Straight Set

Country Roads Straight Set

I am sure that there are lots and lots of variations to this block.  Take some time to play and see what you can come up with!

Happy quilting!

Brave World Quilt Block Part 2

In a previous post, I shared the Brave World quilt block in several straight set designs.

Brave World Quilt Block

Here is how it looks set side by side and on point:

Brave World On Point Set

Let’s try sashing and a different colorway:

Brave World On Point Set

I like it better!

When I remove some lines from the original block, I am left with a pinwheel block that I can use as an alternate with the Brave World block.

Brave World On Point Set

Brave World On Point Set

Brave World On Point Set

Keep playing the ‘what if’ game!  You may get some dud designs, but, then again, you may be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with!


Brave World Quilt Block

It has been quite awhile since I shared a post with quilt designs (not including revisiting a block recently).  Last week, I picked up my Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year, and I randomly chose a block.

Right away, I disliked the block.  It became a challenge (I will not be defeated by this block!).  I persevered, and warmed up to it.

Here is Brave World:

Brave World Quilt Block

It can be drawn with a  2 x 2 grid.

Here is how it looks in a basic straight set:

Brave World Straight Set

Sashing strips make it easy to see the block, and make it easy to change the size of a quilt, as well as add another design aspect.

Brave World Straight Set

I this case, I don’t care for the sashing strips, so the next few straight set designs are playing with alternate blocks.

Brave World Straight Set

Brave World Straight Set

How do you know if you like your block paired with other blocks unless you play?

Brave World Straight Set

I’m not a big fan of this next design, but it happens to be the Hubby’s choice.  He says to make it black, white and grey, since he can imagine Tie fighters with all the movement that the blocks create.  Gotta love that imagination!

Brave World Straight Set

He does bring up a good point, however.  Color and value can make a big difference.  I am showing one colorway of an endless array of possibilities!

Brave World Straight Set

Perhaps the above designs are too busy for you.  After all, different strokes for different folks!  Deleting lines can be just as important as adding lines to design.

Brave World Straight Set

Deleting lines, and/or, adding plain blocks can open up lots of opportunities for the addition of applique, or quilting, if that is your thing!

Brave World Straight Set

Go get creative with your designing and have fun!


Anvil Quilt Block Part 3

A recent comment on an older blog post showing the Anvil Quilt Block inspired me to revisit the Electric Quilt project file.

Anvil Quilt Block


I tried one of my variation blocks in a straight set design.

Anvil Straight Set

What if I set plain blocks in the corners?

Anvil Straight Set

What if I moved the color around just a bit?

Anvil Straight Set

How about I try the block on point?

Anvil On Point Set

And move the color just a bit.

Anvil On Point Set

Of course, one could try lots more by switching up the color/value altogether.  That’s what makes design so much fun!

Anvil Quilt Block Part 1

Anvil Quilt Block Part 2