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April OMG 2018 Update

How did April fly by so fast?  It is already time to share how I did with  my goals for April.

My first goal was to sew a flimsy.  I already had the pieces cut, and I am happy to say that I was able to sew this together:

Hannah's Quilt

It still needs borders, and some applique, but I reached the goal for the month.

If you would like to see the pattern (Butterfly Garden) click on the link above.  It will take you to my April goals where I share where to find the pattern.

My next goal for April was to find a pattern and cut the fabric for a new peg (clothespin) bag.  I went down the rabbit hole (Pinterest) for ideas and I have the fabric cut.  I have a photo, but it isn’t much to look at, since I haven’t finished the bag.

Clothesline Peg Bag

The hanger is child-size, and is lying underneath what will be the top of the bag.  The fabric under the hanger is the lining for the bag, and you are looking at the wrong side of it.

I am not sharing a pattern, since, after looking at several on Pinterest, I am going with my own thing.  We will see how it turns out.

Goal 3 was to sew my three blocks for the RSC18 Squared Away Scrap Sampler.  I finished the blocks and posted about them here.

RSC18 April

I am happy, happy, happy with Goal #4!  I not only made progress with quilting the Friendship Row by Row quilt, but I finished the quilting!  Woohoo!

Friendship Row by Row

I don’t have close-up photos of the quilting, but, believe me, you don’t want to see them.  This is the very first time that I have machine quilted with a frame.  Let’s just say that it was a huge learning experience!

Friendship Row by Row

The back:

Friendship Row by Row

It still needs binding.  Maybe that will be next month’s goal.

If you’d like to read the brief history of this quilt, I blogged about it here. That was a year ago!  Time flies!

Between sewing and the job, I am also gardening.  I haven’t accomplished as much outside as I would have liked, but it has been glorious enjoying the sunshine and seeing the promise of spring blooming.




I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal (OMG). Click on the link and see what other goals were accomplished for April. I find it inspiring and motivating!

September OMG 2017 Goal Update

My September UFO goal  was to complete the borders for my friendship row by row quilt.

Friendship Row by Row

Lots of four patches sewn into border rows!

Friendship Row by Row

Four patch sashings and borders are bringing the rows together!

Friendship Row by Row

Friendship Row by Row

And I’ve got a flimsy!

Friendship Row by Row

Friendship Row by Row

I pieced the backing from fabric found in the stash instead of going shopping.

Friendship Row by Row

But I forgot that I had one more strip to include!  So I had to re-piece the backing!  Ha, ha!

Friendship Row by Row

I am so happy that I completed the goal of getting this project sewn into a flimsy!

I purchased a Grace frame, so this quilt will be my very first project that I have quilted on a frame.  

I know…I should have loaded a practice piece (or 10), but I am just going for it.  And what a learning curve it is!  None of my straight line quilting is straight!  Ha, ha!  I don’t really mind at all.  This row by row is so full of memories for me, and I am adding to the memories.

Friendship Row by Row

You can read about this friendship strip round robin quilt here, here, here, and here.

I am linking up with OMG at Elm Street Quilts and Patchwork Times.

September OMG 2017 Goal

For September, Patchwork Times drew number 4 from the UFO list.  My number 4 is the same as my number 5 goal was…the friendship round robin project. I knew I would need lots of time (I need lots of time to complete almost anything)!

Friendship Row by Row

You can read about this friendship strip round robin quilt here, here, and here.

I left off working on this project in March.  I was sewing four patches together for borders.

Friendship Row by Row

My goal for September is to get the borders sewn onto the quilt top and have a completed flimsy.

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal (OMG).  Hop on over there and check out the other goals for September!

March OMG Update

My March goal was to come up with a plan to put together a round robin/friendship strip quilt.

You can read about this UFO project here.

I thought I would unify the strips by adding paper pieced trees to the sides of each strip.  This would make them all the same width.

You can see the post about my plan here.

Friendship Row by Row

I have completed all of the paper-pieced tree blocks.

Friendship Row by Row

And sewn them to the ends of each row.

Friendship Row by Row

I wish I had a better way to show the rows to you, but I don’t have a design wall.

Friendship Row by Row

I don’t have enough floor space either.

Friendship Row by Row

I managed to sew 190 four patch blocks this month, too!  They are pinned in groups of 10 (easier for me to count them).

My plan is to sew the four patch units into sashing/border rows to add between the friendship rows.

That may not happen for awhile, since the next number drawn for April, may be a different UFO project to work on. 

But I feel good.

I’ve made progress!

I am linking up with OMG at Elm Street Quilts and Patchwork Times.

Friendship Row by Row – March OMG Update

My March OMG is to work on a friendship row by row quilt from 1999.

Friendship Row by Row

Don’t have a clue why I took the pic at this angle!

Since the rows are uneven lengths, I decided to piece tree blocks to both ends of each row.

I used my EQ7 program to come up with a plan and the sizes of the tree blocks.

The rows won’t necessarily be pieced in this order; I just needed a plan to make them all the same width.

Friendship Row by Row

I’ve printed out the patterns for the tree blocks, and I’ve paper-pieced three blocks so far.

It has been a long time since I’ve paper pieced anything.  Some unsewing has happened.

This is going to take a while.  Maybe the rest of the month!

Meantime, I’ve been playing around with border ideas.  I think I am going to piece four patches. 

A lot of four patches.

Probably another month’s worth.

Friendship Row by Row

Ignore the colors in the above settings.  The colors have nothing to do with the plan. 

And I know that the trees are not symmetrical.  I don’t care.  They aren’t symmetrical in nature, either.

March OMG 2017 Goal

Patchwork Times announced the UFO number for March.  #5 was chosen.

My #5 UFO is an old row by row Round Robin project.

One Monthly Goal - Round Robin

It is from 1999.

The rows have silk ribbon embroidery, various applique methods and piecing.  The nine group members had plenty of freedom to be creative.

I have journal pages with the thoughts from each member.

Round Robin

The one below is written from my young (at the time) daughter.

Round Robin

Round Robin

I have pictures of the rows that we all created, as well as the picnic gathering to celebrate our friendship.

Round Robin

It is long past time to let the memories out of the box and display them in a quilt.

I‘ve given myself a couple of months to work on this project.  For March, I hope to come up with a setting and get the top sewn together. 

I am linking up with OMG, at Elm Street Quilts, and Patchwork Times.