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Slow Sunday Stitching

Kathy, at Slow Sunday Stitching, is keeping me on a wonderful, relaxing pace.

I have finished Aunt Bea’s Parlor, block 6.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 6

Here are the first six completed blocks:

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Onto block 7.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 7

And I am continuing to  work on scrap control.

The black, gray and white scrap bags are sorted and cut into various usable strips.

I am sorting the green scrap bag.

Scrap Bags

What a tedious job.

Scrap Bags

Please don’t let me allow my scraps to take over ever again!

Slow Sunday Stitching

“In emerald tufts, flowers purple, blue and white;
Like sapphire, pearl, and rich embroidery,
Buckled below fair knighthood’s bending knee;
Fairies use flower for their charactery.”
― William Shakespeare

Continuing on with blocks from Aunt Bea’s Parlor. 

This is my Slow Stitching Sunday project for as many Sundays as it takes.  There are 20 blocks, so this is a long-term project.

I have finished embroidering Block 5.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 5

On to Block 6.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 6

It’ll be a good Super Bowl project.

I am linking up with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching.

Slow Sunday Stitching

“What are you doing?”
“I’m darning a sock,” he said, holding it up to show me.
“What’s that lump inside?”
“A sock egg.”
“A sock egg? I didn’t know socks hatched from eggs.”
“Only the best ones do. I can’t wear the cheap kind, the ones that grow on trees. They give me blisters.”
― Polly Shulman, The Grimm Legacy   


I am working on some mending that I have long procrastinated on.  Nobody cares, least of all myself.  Ha, ha! 

What else is happening this Sunday?

I continue to work on Aunt Bea’s Parlor for Slow Stitching Sunday.  There are 20 blocks, so this is a long-term project.

I have finished block 4.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 4

Next up, block 5.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 5

I am linking up with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching.

Slow Sunday Stitching

Today is Slow Stitching Sunday.

Before I sit in my easy chair, I am planning to try a new-to-me recipe.  I am making a No-Knead Crusty White Bread recipe (King Arthur Flour website)  that I pinned to My Pinterest Bread Board.  The dough is in the refrigerator, ready for baking later.

I will also spend some time free motion quilting on Aunt Sukey Spins Off , my January 2017 UFO Goal.

After these activities, I’ll be ready for my easy chair.

I’m still embroidering Aunt Bea’s Parlor, block 4.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 4

Happy Sunday!


I’d like to give a shout out to Jenny Reynolds of Elefantz Designs.

I have followed Jenny’s blog for some time.  She is not only a talented Aussie stitcheries designer, but a very encouraging and inspirational sister in the Lord.

Jenny shares God’s grace in very special ways.  She has many sweet and uplifting patterns available in her Craftsy shop.  She also offers a monthly Stitchery Club.

Today, Jenny is showing her generosity by offering a free eBook of 20 Christian themed patterns.

Elefantz Designs

Check out Jenny’s blog…you’ll be glad you visited her!

Slow Sunday Stitching

I am making slow progress with the Aunt Bea’s Parlor project.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 3

I finished Block 3.

Today I will begin Block 4.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Block 4

I am using Sulky’s Sticky Fabri-Solvy Printable sheets to embroider the designs onto the background fabric.

Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy

I like that the stabilizer dissolves easily, but I do feel that it is a bit sticky for my needle.

Aunt Bea's Parlor - Blocks 3 and 4

Kathy’s Quilts will keep me company on Sundays.  I am linking up with her Slow Sunday Stitching.

Cross Stitch Swan Song

I bought a cross stitch scissors fob kit on a vacation several years ago.  I used to do a lot of intricate cross stitch, so I knew this kit would be a simple souvenir keepsake for me.

Scissors Keep Kit


I began working on it during a stressful time thinking it would be a relaxing thing to do.  Right off, I stitched quite a bit using the wrong color and had to undo everything that I had done.

Can I use macular degeneration for my excuse?  I could not see to rip it out, actually cried tears of frustration, had a temper tantrum, and put the thing away.

Fast forward to this week.  I am working a new job…split shifts six days a week.  Stressful.  Out comes the cross stitch project so I can relax. 


I still can’t see as well as I used to.  Surprise.

I have run out of thread from the kit, stitched in the wrong places, ripped out stitches, and lost my very sharp, expensive embroidery scissors that I wanted to use this with in the first place.

But I’ve persevered.

It is finished.

Scissors Keep