Iris Wall Hanging Finished

This project began as a request from my Step-Mom (whose name just happens to be Iris).

She wanted an iris wall hanging for a certain space in her home, so the project was limited to size.


She has never asked me for anything, so I really wanted to do this for her!

I tried to finish by her birthday, and I would have, too, if it hadn’t of been for a broken part on my sewing machine and Covid.


No matter!

Iris will have her wall hanging for Christmas!

I don’t do a lot for a label, but it does have one!

And the iris fabric on the back was one of the pieces that Iris gave me to use for the project.


I was going to echo quilt a .25 inch around the iris (it is closely outlined with invisible thread), but then I immediately forgot that I was going to do that, and just forged ahead with the background filler. Oops.


Iris Project

Iris Project Update

Quilt On!

19 responses to “Iris Wall Hanging Finished

  1. Laura, what a dear step-daughter you are.
    This is gorgeous…and the part that struck me most was the papery bud covering. Called the spathe, BTW! It actually looks light and papery in your quilted rendition. I noticed your corner hanging pockets. Perfect for that size of a wall hanging!


  2. I’m sure Iris will love this little quilt. It’s so pretty and delicate. Just beautiful!


  3. Love this! I think I saw it on your wall yesterday? Iris will LOVE it!


  4. Looks great! I’m sure she will love it.


  5. This is a beautiful iris, for Iris! I am sure she will be thrilled – it is such a gorgeous piece.


  6. Oh wow!!! That’s gorgeous.😍


  7. Beautiful, and did you do the quilting on a domestic! Beautiful quilting and the Flower is absolutely Stunning! Hugs


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